Today I have a fun mini tote to share with you. It has a round base which makes it stand on its own with plenty of space to load with some on-the-go sewing supplies, toys, or storing things like nail polish or hair bows that you can easily grab and take with you. Just a few ideas of how versatile this little tote can be.

Mom and Me Mini Pouch Totes with HeatnBond Fusible Fleece

I made mine from a fabulous line I picked up through called Rebel Girl. I love the fun funky vibe of it. So let’s get sewing.


** ¼” seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Mom and Me Mini Pouch Totes Instructions

Print and cut out the pattern for your base. Cut out your supplies in the measurements given above. Take your main fabric and adhere the fusible fleece to the back. Take your lining fabric and adhere the interfacing to the back. Set the lining aside.

Take your main fabric to your sewing machine and quilt the fabric using a walking foot if you have one or a regular foot if not. I like to lengthen my stitch when doing so and use the side of my sewing foot as a guide. You can also skip this step if you prefer to not have the quilted look.

Perfect, now take your main fabric and lining fabric. From each, cut:

  • (2) 12.5”x6” rectangles
  • (1) Base

Set all the pieces aside except for your two main fabric rectangles. Grab your two 24” webbing pieces as well. To find the placement of your webbing straps measure in 3” and place your webbing along the ruler with the raw edge along the bottom. Pin in place.

Fold the other end of the webbing down to the opposite side of the same rectangle and measure in 3” from the opposite edge. Pin. Repeat with your second main rectangle and webbing.

We need to do one more measurement. From the top edge of your main bag rectangles measure down ½” . Place a pin on your webbing straps at the ½” point horizontally.

Take it to your sewing machine. We will be sewing on the webbing so I recommend using a matching thread. Topstitch your webbing going up one side and then when you come to the horizontal line we made with our pin stop and turn your fabric and sew a line across your webbing at that point (so ½” away from the top of your fabric). Pivot your fabric again and sew back down the other side of your webbing until you get to the bottom. Repeat with the remaining webbing straps.

When finished pin the sides of your main bag, right sides, together, along the side seams and sew using a ¼” seam allowance. Press your seams open.

Now grab your main base and the base pattern. Fold in half lengthwise and then open it up again. Use the line you’re made folding your pattern to mark the center of your base on the sides of your base fabric.


These side marks are where you’ll start to pin. Line up your marks with the side seams of your main bag we just sewed with your fabric base right side facing in and all the wrong sides facing out. Pin all the way around.

Sew all the way around using your ¼” seam allowance.

Turn your main bag right sides out and press. Grab your lining pieces.

Repeat the steps to sew the pieces together (minus the straps) with your lining. On one side of your lining leave a 3” opening for turning.

Once your lining is completed, place your main bag inside of the lining, right sides together. Pin the top edges of your lining and main bag together along the top. Line up your side seams first and then work your way around. Push your straps down inside the bag and make sure the top of the straps don’t get caught in your seam.

Sew all the way around.

Pull your bag right side out through the opening of your lining.

Press the opening with the raw edges inside and stitch closed.

Press the lining top edge of your bag with the lining inside and topstitch. You can either leave your webbing straps down and topstitch without catching them in your stitches (this is what I did) or hold them up and catch them in your topstitch as you go as well.

That’s it. We’re finished. A quick fun sew, yes!? Thanks for sewing along!