Little Witch Blog Tour: Basting with Fabric Fuse


Some of my good friends call me the bag lady. I love a good handbag! I evaluate bags by their shape, size, color and how practicle they seem to be. I’ll see something in a store or online and try to replicate it. This one was inspired totally by the fabric. Playing around with the different ways to best showcase the main print and all its’ beautiful colors and adding leather accents was a lot fun, just what I needed to get my creative juices flowing
It’s time to get creative, so gather your supplies and tools!


*Be sure to look at the list of fabric requirements and  hardware required to make your bag pattern!

The fabric I used is Little Witch by Jennifer Long for Riley Blake Designs.


  • Sewing machine and walking foot (if using leather accents)
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing mat
  • Ruler
  • Iron and ironing board or wool mat


1. Using leather accents is not an easy task but I found Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive so helpful. Start by cutting out all the pattern pieces. I like to make mself a check list to make sure I haven’t forgotten any pieces.

2. Using Fabric Fuse, glue all the leather pieces as directed in the pattern. Set them aside to let them dry.

3. Cut all the required pieces of interfacing, I used the HeatnBond Non-Woven Fusible Craft Extra Firm Interfacing. I added fusible fleece for more body to the two main panels instead of the suggested foam. Fuse the pieces according to the manufacturer’s directions and as indicated in the pattern directions.

4. When the time comes to add the handles to the main panels, I used PeelNstick Fabric Fuse to make sure everything would stay in place because you can’t use pins in leather!


5. I used Fabric Fuse PeelnStick Adhesive Sheets in helping baste the fabric to the webbing, Cut the webbing to the desired length, I did add a little extra length to the required length by about 12 inches. If the webbing is 1.5 inches wide you’ll want to cut a strip of fabric 2 inches wide (add a 1/4″ to each side).

6. Using a hot iron, press 1/4″ towards the wrong side of the fabric along the whole length of the strip. Pull out a ruler to make sure you have the full 1.5″ to cover the webbing. 
7. Use the PeelNstick Fabric Fuse sheets, cut into strips and sub cut the stips into about an inch long. Stick them along the webbing and then align the edge of the fabric to the webbing using the Fabric Fuse to keep everything in place. 
8. Sew 1/8″ from the edge of strap and follow the pattern instructions to attach the hardware to create the shoulder strap. 
Thanks for joining me, I hope I’ve inpsired you in creating something fun and whimsical that you’ll love to carry around! If you liked this project, please let me know by posting a comment. And don’t forget to stop by my Instagram and say HI!


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