Have you ever wondered how to make a circle skirt? My daughter loves circle skirts more than anything else I make her.  I think she likes how much they twirl, I know I do!!  Today, I’m going to walk you through the steps of making a circle skirt.  I’ve already done all of the math for you so you won’t have to think about it!  Let’s get started!

DIY Circle Skirt

Supplies Needed:

Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Adhesive Tape

1-2 yards of Art Gallery knit Fabric

Oliso Mini Iron

Frixion Pens

3/4″ Elastic

Basic Sewing Supplies

Circle Skirt Calculator Measurement Chart

Step One: First, measure child’s waist you will be sewing for.  Using the measurement chart provided, find the best correlating size.  If the measurement falls in between sizes, round down to the smaller size. Next, measure from the waist to the knee to calculate the skirt length, adding 1 inch to account for your seam allowances.

Step Two: Fold the fabric in half, lengthwise, aligning the raw edges together.  Fold the fabric in half again, this time widthwise.  You will now have a double fold.

Step Three: Align the edge of the ruler with the edge of the fabric.  Using the radius measurement from the chart above, place a mark on the fabric.  Slowly pivot the ruler to draw in the waist.  For reference, I am using a 3.25″ radius.

Step Four: Next mark the hemline.  Starting on one side of the fabric, align the edge of the ruler with the skirt waistline.  Slowly draw your hemline, pivoting as you go.  For reference, my skirt length is 13.75″ long.

Step Five: Cut the skirt out, along both lines you drew.

Step Six: Cut the waistband.  The width of the waistband is the same width as the child’s waist measurement.  The length of the waistband will be 3″.

Step Seven: Cut the elastic 1 inch shorter than the waist measurement.

Step Eight: Using a 3/8″ seam allowance, sew the short sides of the waistband together.  Quarter the waistband and mark with pins. Repeat with the skirt’s waist.

Step Nine: Align the waistband and the skirt together using the pins as a guide. Sew together the waistband and skirt leaving a 1-2″ opening.

Step Ten: Insert the elastic through the opening, using a safety pin to guide it through. Pull both ends out and overlap the elastic 1/2″ and sew together. Sew the waistband opening closed.

Step Eleven: Apply the Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Adhesive tape to the wrong side of the hem. Iron the hem tape along the entire hem and let it cool. Peel back the liner from the hem tape. Fold the hem upwards 3/8 and press using plenty of steam.  You can leave the hem unsewn if you prefer or you can sew over it.

Happy Sewing!!

xoxo- Becca

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