Spring Bunny Fun Wall Hanging

This whimsical Easter Bunny Wall Hanging will be a great addition to your Easter décor or make a great gift for a teacher or loved one! I’m Jamie Mueller of Sunflower Quilts and I’m back to share another fun project using Thermoweb and Moda Fabrics. This wall hanging is super easy and fast to create! I used a method my mother taught me from a very young age: “Let the fabric do the work!” Using the adorable Spring Bunny Fun fabric line by Stacy Hsu made this project so easy. She created fabric with Easter eggs already printed on it and an adorable bunny panel which she created stuffed animals with. I took a different route and below is the tutorial to make your own OR to get your mind looking at fabrics differently and letting the fabric do the work! Enjoy!


Spring Bunny Quilt Supplies:

Heat N Bond® Lite Fusible Adhesive
FQ bundle of Moda Spring Bunny Fun (with panel)
1 FQ of background fabric (I used Moda Grunge in a tan colorway)
Spray N Bond® Basting Spray
Scrap Batting (at least 20” square)
Coordinating Thread
Oliso Iron

Spring Bunny Quilt Directions:
  1. Roughly cut out small bunnies from panel.SBF1
  2. Fuse Heat N Bond® Lite to wrong side of bunnies and cut out.SBF2 SBF3
  3. Pick one FQ with the egg print and fuse Heat N Bond® Lite to wrong side of FQ.SBF4 SBF5
  4. Cut out all of the eggs from the fused FQ.SBF6
  5. Cut background FQ into a 15” square.
  6. Arrange bunnies first as desired onto background and fuse in place.SBF7
  7. Then, in rows starting directly under the bunnies, arrange eggs as desired fusing as you go. Keep layering eggs until you have desired amount and all are fused in place.SBF8 SBF9
  8. Pick one FQ for borders (I used the checkerboard fabric which made it look as if I pieced it). Cut 2- 2” X 15” strips and sew one to each side of background piece.SBF14 SBF10
  9. Then cut 2-2” X 18” strips from border fabric and sew one to top and bottom of background piece.SBF11
  10. Using SpraynBond® Basting Spray, make your quilt sandwich with backing fabric, batting and wall hanging top. SBF12
  11. Quilt and bind as desired using your favorite method and enjoy!SBF13


*TIP: since this is a wall hanging and I don’t plan on washing it often, I free motion quilted an all over design to secure all of the applique in place instead of stitching around each applique. You can use a small zig zag stitch to secure all applique cut outs in place if desired or if you plan on washing this design.TooltipText

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