Sometimes we feel helpless when unhappy things happen to those we love.  Creating an encouragement card that makes a big statement in a simple way can show you care.


With Deco Foil you can make a 3-D paper heart that resembles stone in a few easy steps.

Products used:


Therm O Web products:

  • Deco Foil™ Amber Watercolor
  • Deco Foil™ Adhesive Pen
  • Therm O Web Tape Runner
  • Therm O Web 3D Zots™ Adhesive

Other Products:

  • 1 pc. Sizzix Leather Paper 6″ x 6″
  • 1 yard Aurifil Cotton Floss #2250 (red)
  • needle
  • 5″ x 7″ white card base
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • paper piercer (or you can use the needle)
  • tiny bit of stuffing (see photo above)
  • computer and printer to print out quote

3-D Heart Encouragement Card With Deco Foil™

Step one:  Print out quote spacing as shown (border is optional).  Design should fit on front of a 5″ wide by 7″ high card base.  Font used is Fascii Scraggly BRK.


Step two:  Trim quote to fit on card front and adhere with Therm O Web Tape Runner.


Step Three:  Take 6″ x 6″ piece of Sizzix Leather Paper and crumple up repeatedly to create lots of wrinkles.  Please note that this paper is made to be manipulated.  It is thick, bendable and perfect for a distressed look with Deco Foil.  After crumpling, fold in half, forming a triangle as shown below.


Step Four:  While folded, cut as big of a heart shape as you can.  the fold allows you to cut the front and back of the heart simultaneously.  If needed, trim hearts to shape.


Step Five:  Bend the edge of each heart in about a 1/2″ to create a “seam” that will allow you to later add Therm O Web Tape Runner and bond the two hearts together.

Step Six:    In an “imperfect way”, draw all over one of the heart pieces with your Deco Foil Adhesive Pen making sure the seam is folded behind.  This will be the front of the heart.  You don’t want to cover every bit of the surface, you’re going for a distressed look.  Wait a few minutes for the adhesive to become tacky to the touch, then adhere the Deco Foil Amber Watercolor over the heart front and repeatedly adhere to get into lots of the wrinkles.  Remember, you do want some of the paper leather to show through for added dimension. The Amber Watercolor is PERFECT for this, creating a stone look that contains gold, silver and copper flecks.


Step Seven:  Cover folded in edges (seams) of both hearts with Therm O Web Tape Runner, place plain heart down with edges facing up and add tiny amount of stuffing inside forming to shape.  Carefully place second heart with Deco Foil facing up (edge down) onto first heart shape and adhere together.  It should look like this.


Step Eight:  In an uneven way, puncture holes (approximately 10) through the heart about 1/2″ apart  with paper piercer or needle.  Using floss, primitively sew stitches.  See photo below for details.


Step Nine:  Finish card by attaching the heart to the card base with Therm O Web 3D Zots.

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