rainbow softie pattern

Hi, friends! Today I am playing with some scrumptious felt from BenzieDesign.com. They have an amazing array of supplies from quality wool felt sheets, wool balls, to adhesives and beads. Today, I’ll be making my project with their felt sheets and coordinating embroidery floss. Yum! Let’s get started.   

Rainbow Felt Softie

rainbow softie supplies


Rainbow Felt Softie Tutorial

rainbow softie step 1

Print out the pattern and tape the larger pattern pieces together by overlapping the two and matching them up, aligning the first piece solid line with the second dotted line. Set the base pattern to the side. Grab your felt sheets and the rainbow arch pattern pieces. Place your felt sheets in your preferred color order. Use the Spray n Bond Pattern and Stencil adhesive to adhere the arch pattern pieces onto the coordinating felt. Cut out.

Note: The largest arch is a tight fit with the sides landing right at the edge of your felt sheet but it does fit. 🙂 I wanted to make the softie as large as possible. 

rainbow softie step 2

Take your base pattern and your medium-weight fabric. Iron your fabric. Trace and cut out two of your base, mirror images. 

rainbow softie step 3

Take one base piece, your cut-out felt rainbow arches, and your Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive. Using a ruler, place it on the straight edge of your base, measuring ⅝” up from the bottom. Arrange the arches centered on the base with the bottom of the arches resting on your ruler to keep them even and straight. Adhere in place. 

rainbow softie step 4

Hand stitch with embroidery thread or on your machine with a straight stitch or a fun decorative stitch to lock the pieces in place.

rainbow softie step 5

When finished sewing the rainbow in place, take your second base piece.

rainbow softie step 6

Lay the base piece over the top of your stitched softie top, right sides together, and pin. Stitch all the way around the perimeter using a ¼” seam allowance and leaving a 3-4 inch opening along the bottom straight edge for turning (where I placed my pins horizontally). 

rainbow softie step 7

Using the opening you left, turn your rainbow softie right side out. 

rainbow softie step 8

Stuff with poly-fil making sure to get in the corners first.

rainbow softie step 9

Hand sew the opening closed. 

finished rainbow softie

And there you have it. The sweetest little rainbow softie finished and ready to love. Thanks for sewing along with me!