Get To Know Us At Therm O Web

Steve Image

Before we introduce you to Steve Sandler, Therm O Web’s Vice President of Interfacing, let’s play a round of “20 Questions.”

Wait! We know you have important sewing and crafting to do, so let’s make that “5 Questions”:
What product is the secret to crisp collars and sturdy buttonholes?
What product makes totes, bags and purses more durable?
What product stabilizes fabric for hand- or machine-stitching?
What product determines the overall look and feel of a garment?
What product is available in fusible and sew-in varieties to make every fabric project look its best?

It’s interfacing! And Steve Sandler is Therm O Web’s resident interfacing expert. Steve explains interfacing selection as an art, not a science. To choose the best interfacing for a project, the designer must consider fabric type, design silhouette and desired feel. To help with these decisions, Steve created this Interfacing Usage Chart as a go-to resource. There isn’t an interfacing question Steve can’t answer — and if you were wondering what his favorite Therm O Web product is, it’s interfacing!

Steve has been with Therm O Web for almost seven years. He works from his New York-area office, traveling frequently to meet with the US-based mills who manufacture our HeatnBond® and StitchnSew® interfacings, as well as with retailers all across the country who stock Therm O Web interfacings. Steve told us the thing he enjoys most about his job is this opportunity to develop great relationships with our customers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about the people behind the products at Therm O Web. Watch for more “Get to Know…” features in future newsletters. We invite you to share your own favorite Therm O Web products and experiences with us on our Facebook page. We’ll see you there!