Join us today as we get to know more about Designer Rebecca Keppel!


If you’ve been a fan of ours…you should know Rebecca’s name well along with her amazing projects and great video tutorials she shares here.

Rebecca Keppel Project Collage

However today we asked her to share some more of herself with all of you.

What is your favorite thing to do when not crafting? Watching Netflix original series, going to the gym, being outside with my family, reading.

Do you have a favorite project you’ve made? I love trying new techniques, especially when they work out lol! So this watercolored card over the Therm o Web Deco Foil brush lettered sentiments is one of my favorites.

Rebecca Keppel Deco Foil Cards

Where do you go for inspiration? I love being on Instagram

Best or favorite dessert you make or love to eat? Oreo cheesecake truffles

If you could go anywhere (with unlimited funds) where would that be? Fiji

Describe yourself in a animal? Loyal and affectionate….like our puppies!

Rebecca Keppel Puppies

Book reader? Move watcher? Both!

And what is your favorite book or movie? I definitely don’t have any one favorite. I like books and movies that make me think and that develop characters so that I care about them.

Tell us about your family? My husband Scott and I have been married since 2003. We have two kids who are 11 and 9. 

Rebecca Keppel Layout rk-tow-march-1

Favorite time of the year? Summer! I love the relaxed schedule and swimming.

And describe your Christmas tree or trees? Collectibles? Handmade? Bright colorful? I received an ornament from my parents every year while I was growing up and now my kids get the same, so our tree is pretty eclectic! We always get a live tree.

Tell us about your pets? We recently decided to expand our family to include 2 1/2 lab 1/2 Weimeraner puppies, Cole and Crosby. They are barely 6 months old, but HUGE! Crosby now weighs 68 pounds!

Tell us one thing you really love about your home or where you live? My favorite part of our home is our pool. My favorite thing about our town is how family-oriented it is and how many fun restaurants have opened since we moved here.

To see more of Rebecca’s projects and video tutorials click here! And don’t forget to visit Rebecca’s blog as well for more ideas and inspiration!

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