It’s time…we have so many talented designers on our education team so today join us as we get to know more about the talented Carla Henton!

Carla Henton

We were never so happy when after asking Carla to our team and she said yes. You see what’s fun is Carla won a giveaway we had right here on our blog. When we went to her blog and see all of her amazing work….we knew we had to talk to her. Fast forward to today and here we are telling you about this incredibly talented gal who we are thrilled said yes!

So let’s get to know more about Carla:

1) Tell us Your Favorite color?

Can I be “Rainbow Brite” and live in “Rainbow Land” ??! Every color makes me smile.myfavoritecolor

2) The best place to go grab a bite to eat?

Any place with an Asian flare is a love to me. My favorite is PF Chang’s and especially the lettuce wraps or as my husband calls them, “lettuce tacos.”

3) if you won a million dollars…first thing you would do?

Vacation!! And not just any vacation. Take me to Maui!!!
Maybe I should live there…Mauilove

4) Are you a sports fan? Favorite team to cheer on?

We are a sports family. We are active and love to play. We have a private disc golf course right here at our home.
I am a very loyal fan too. I bleed red during football season, go CHIEFS!! I’ve also been known to rule the family fantasy football league. I bleed blue during baseball season, go ROYALS!! Gochiefs


I was my daddy’s football and baseball watching buddy early in life and I still love to watch sports with him.
Something you wouldn’t know about me is I played volleyball in college.

5) Dream car if the price was no limit? Or boat?

I’ve always wanted a yellow car. I don’t know why, but any yellow car would do. I don’t pay much attention to brands and styles of cars just so I get where I want to go.
There isn’t much water here where I live, so a boat wouldn’t be an option unless I’m in Maui. I definitely would want a boat there…😊😊

6) Slot machines, pinball machines, Xbox one or give me a good ole deck of cards?

I’m afraid I like those one arm bandits. My idea of date night is an evening at the casino. My second favorite vacation, after Maui, is Las Vegas.Lasvegas

7) Number one quality about yourself?

My love of my family. Nothing is better than that!!

8) A dream date with any famous person?

I would rather spend time with my family than anyone, but if Joe Montana or Marcus Allen would like to join us, I’m ok with that.

9) Favorite tv show? movie?

While I’m stitching away in my studio I usually have Netflix or Hulu going in the background with some crazy show. I’m a Walking Dead fan and have watched every season many times.

10) If you could describe yourself in an ice cream flavor..what would it be?

Rainbow sherbert. A little bit of everything, sometimes sweet – sometimes sour. Always full of color.Rainbow

11) Tell us about you and your family?

The family is my source of joy. My husband, Daryl, is my best friend and my partner in everything. We have two children, Trista and Randy, whom we have enjoyed watching grow into incredible young adults and now we have a son-in-law, Kyle. Vacationing together is our favorite thing to do. Maybe someday we will all go to Maui…myfamily

Be sure to visit Carla’s blog to see more of her work and here’s a link to Carla’s projects on our blog!

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