It’s been a bit since we shared one of our Get To Know You Posts…so today we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know a bit about the very talented Gracie Chavez!

Get TO Know Us!

We asked Gracie some questions about herself and hope you enjoy getting to learn a bit more about this talented designer!

Let’s Get To Know Designer Gracie Chavez

1) Favorite color

It used to be pink, but I love to play a lot with color these days on my projects. For everyday life though, I love to wear black.

2) Best place to go grab a bite to eat?

Lately it’s been Carl’s Jr…

3) If you won a million dollars…first thing you would do?

Get a new place… With a proper craft room! LOL

Craft room goals...
Craft room goals…

4) Are you a sports fan? Favorite team to sheer on?

No, not at all… But I do enjoy watching the Olympic Games every 4 years LOL

5) Dream car if price was no limit? Or boat?

Not a car (or boat) girl… An SUV would be just fine! LOL

6) Slot machines, pinball machines, xbox one or give me a good ole deck of cards?

I’ll play UNO anytime, anywhere but that’s about it.

7) Number one quality about yourself?

I always persevere and reinvent myself.

8) Dream date with any famous person?

So many interesting people out there… I think Tom Hiddleston (better known as Loki) would be a fun -and smart- date. (Hubby if you’re reading this, you know I’m playing LOL)

Tom Hiddleston aka Loki
Tom Hiddleston aka Loki

9) Favorite tv show? movie?

Too many… I’ve been watching Netflix a lot so that’s where you’ll find me every night.

10) If you could describe yourself in an animal..what would it be?

A bird, most definitely.

World's Most Beautiful Birds Photos (7)

11) Tell us about you and your pets?

I’ve had every pet you can think of (as my dad was a veterinarian), but I don’t have any today.

12) Favorite project you’ve made?

My latest project is always my favorite… Always. I treat them like newborn babies. LOL


13) Tell us something about you most people don’t know or would be surprised to learn?

I used to be a singer…

Thanks so much for sharing a bit of you with all of us Gracie! To see more of Gracie’s beautiful work she’s made for here! Do be sure to visit Gracie’s site too…she shares so many amazing projects to inspire you!

2 Comments on Get To Know Designer — Gracie Chavez

  1. Lena
    May 11, 2017 at 11:46 pm (7 years ago)

    A singer??? Wow, Gracie, as much as I’m surprised, I can totally see you in the spot light 🙂 I love your cards. They’re always so elegant with beautiful layers and vibrant colours. Glad I met you at the HIMCR DT and happy to have learnt a little more about you.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

    • Gracie Chavez
      May 13, 2017 at 9:52 pm (7 years ago)

      Thanks so much Lena! So kind. Big hug dear friend.