I love making Halloween costumes. When I was younger, I loved coming up with creative ideas, and finding ways to execute those ideas. Now, as a mom with young children, I love transforming my children into the creatures and characters that they love.

For most animal (or animal-like) costumes, the ears really help make the outfit. Wear all black, add a tail, and add some cat ears – you have a cat costume. All white with a cotton tail and some bunny ears, and you’ve made the perfect bunny costume. Fictional characters like Picachu are no different! Here I’m going to show you how to make a set of ears for your Halloween costume, using Thermoweb DecoFoil™.

Make Simple Picachu ears with Decofoil

To make your ears, you’ll need:

iCraft Deco Foil™ in your choice of colors (black for Picachu)
Iron and Ironing board
iCraft Deco Foil™ HotMelt Adhesive
A headband
Hot Glue or Liquid Fabric Fuse
Stiff felt in your choice of colors (yellow for Picachu)

Project Instructions:

Cut out your ears from the felt.

cut out ears

Place the ears on one of the protective sheets that come with the Hot Melt Adhesive. Angle towards one another.

angle earsPlace the Hot Melt Adhesive over the tops of the ears. Fuse in place following the package instructions.

fuse on hotmeltAllow to cool. Trim away the extra adhesive, and peel away the paper backing.

peel away paper

Place the black iCraft Deco Foil on top. Fuse in place according to package instructions.

Hot glue the ears onto the headband at an angle, allow glue to cool, then cut away excess felt.

glue and trim

And just like that – in less than 30 minutes – you have the ears for your costume! Pair these Picachu ears with a yellow shirt and a lightning bolt tail, and you’ll have the perfect costume for your Pokemon-loving child!

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  1. Kate Swanson
    September 29, 2016 at 11:01 am (4 years ago)

    Such a cute tutorial! Thanks for sharing!