XOXO Valentine Wreath

by Heather Collins

One of the things my Mother In Law loves with a good wreath. Sometimes she makes them, sometimes she buys them. She also loves giving them as gifts. She always puts one above her mantle above her fireplace and one on her front door. When we would go to craft shows together this is what we were in search of, the perfect wreath. Her birthday is Valentine’s Day and what more perfect gift than making her a wreath.

Xoxo Mixed Media Wreath

To start this project I took a prepare wooden heart wreath form base and a wooden XOXO’s banner. For the heart wreath, I took White gesso and painted with a foam brush two layers and then heated with my heat tool. Lastly, I top coated with white Satin enamel paint. I feel this finishes off the base very nicely. For my XOXO BANNER, I used Brutus Monroe Aqua Pigments “Conversation Heart” and “Neon Pink”. Once Again I used a heat tool to quickly dry my base.

Next using Brutus Monroe Raven Detail Ink I stamped my pieces. Then dried with a heat tool. Then I splattered with a toothbrush some Aqua Pit “Conversation Heart”, White and Black paints. I like using this technique to create another layer.

Next using Gina K Designs Glitter Giltz Gel Gold I applied using a pallet knife an “XOXO” Simple Blend from Brutus Monroe. Then I used some Rina K Design Glitter Glitz Gel “Poppin Pink” and a stencil. I wiped some of the extra Glitz Glitter Gel randomly in several spots on the piece.

Then using some Easy-Cut sheets I attached a piece of Rina K Designs “Poppin Pink” Flock and enamel sheets and die cut them out using a heart die I had in several sizes. I repeated this with some Brutus Monroe Transfer Foil Sheets Gold Static.

To assemble everything I used heavy body gel to attach the “XOXO” banner, hearts, acrylic bubbles, pink glitter, and crushed glass glitter. When adding the hearts I made sure to have a layered look and have several areas that the hearts were grouped together. I like them being asymmetrical rather than trying to achieve a perfect look. I think this makes the imperfections add to the piece rather than stand out. I hope my Mother in law enjoys her gifts for many years to come.

Xoxo Mixed Media Wreath

Items Used:
Rina K Designs “Poppin Pink” Flock and Enamel Sheets – Coming Soon!
Rina K Designs Glitter Glitz Gel “Poppin Pink” – Coming Soon!
Gina K Designs Glitz Glitter Gel Gold
iCraft Easy-Cut Adhesive Sheets
Heavy Gloss Gel
Brutus Monroe Transfer Foil Sheets Gold Static