Hello!  I’ve got something Wicked for you today!  I decided I needed a bit of decor for the upcoming holiday so here we are!

I started with a blank canvas and painted it black using some Liquitex acrylic paint.

After the paint was dry, I used this cool Circular Harlequin Stencil to add some Transfer Gel Duo… one in the top left corner…

And another at the bottom… I accidentally ran my palette knife over the first one, but kind of liked how it looked so I added some more swipes and set it aside to dry for a couple hours.

When it was dry, I laid some Brutus Monroe Dry Brush Deco Foil over the top and used pressure and my Stencil Pal to apply the foil…

For a better surface to apply the pressure, I slid a hard cover book under my canvas.

This particular Deco Foil is retired, but I did find it and left a link below… but if you didn’t use this one, you could easily create a similar look but using some black, gold and silver.

Then I grabbed these large flowers from my stash… I’ve had them for years and they were perfect to paint with some of the black acrylic.  I did most of the painting with a larger brush and then got into the centers and harder to reach spots with a smaller one.

I glued them onto the canvas with some Mixed Media Adhesive.  I love this adhesive because it dries kind of slowly so I have some time to move things a bit before they dry quite solidly into place.

Then I pulled this laser cut wood piece out and added some Liquid Adhesive with a paint brush to both sides.

I adhered it to the panel and added some foil.  I added more adhesive over that and used a couple different purples on it… the adhesive dries clear so no problem that the glue ran over.

I added black paint to the center of the heart and then painted some Liquid Adhesive over the black flowers.

And again added some foil when it dried to tacky…

So cool right!?  I added smaller flowers and floral shop stamens along with some of the silver foil twist ties that held the stamens in bunches  and some gold leaves… I love making these kinds of bouquets!

I added a bunch of Mixed Media Adhesive to the center of the heart/wings and placed these cool buttons in it as well as some gems.

So cool right… I got those buttons from a friend a long time ago and they waited patiently to be added to this project.

I had some chipboard letters that I wanted to add, so I painted them black and then when that was dry, I added some Liquid Adhesive with a paintbrush.  I was done for the day and knew I’d be running these through my laminator, so I let them dry overnight.

When I went back to my craft room, these were ready to run through the laminator with that gorgeous Magenta Deco Foil.

I added them to the canvas as well as some more gems from my stash.  I was going to add the entire word but decided I liked the idea of just the WKD… you get it right?  Wicked!

I wanted to finish off the edges with some ribbon and I had this really cool black and white ribbon, but I didn’t want the white… was wishing I had some with purple… so I used a handled sponge to push the ribbon into my ink pad.. flipping it over for good coverage.

Cool, right??

I used the super strong 1/2″ Super Tape to adhere it to the edges.. you just peel it off the roll and stick it to your project and when you’re ready peel off the protective layer and adhere your ribbon… or whatever… firmly pressing it against the tape so the contact is good!

I sprayed some Iridescent Glitter Spray over the entire project for good measure and done!

I hope you enjoyed your time here today and got some ideas… maybe some stuff you’ve had in your stash for a long time just needs a little twist to make it exactly what you want!

Come again soon!



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