Hello friends!   This is Dori again from @redfeedsack!  I’m so happy to be here with you this week to make the most fun project!  I’m absolutely in love with sewing anything to do with darling houses and this throw pillow project is so super fun you’ll love making it!

Little Village Pillow Supplies

Step By Step Instructions:

Step One:  Print the three pages of patterns (links above in the supply list).  Cut fabric and fusible fleece to the follow measurements:

  • House Backing Fabric (pillow front) – Cut one: 12 inches tall by 16 inches wide
  • Border Fabric  – Cut two:  4.5 inches by 16 inches AND Cut two: 2.5 inches by 20 inches
  • Pillow Backing Fabric – Cut two: 10.5 inches by 20 inches
  • Fusible Fleece – Cut one:  21 inches by 21 inches

Step Two:  Cut out all the parts of each house.  (Separate them according to each house.)

Step Three:  Rough cut scraps a little larger than each house piece.  Cut Heat n Bond Lite the same size.  Iron this on to the back of each fabric scrap.

Step Four:  Cut each house part, using the pattern to get it perfect.  Set them aside as you cut.

Step Five:  Take your house backing fabric and the four border pieces.  Place  4.5 inch by 16 inch strips and  right sides together with the top and the bottom of the backing.  Pin in place and sew a 1/4 inch seam on both.  Iron the seam towards the border.  Repeat with the 2.5 inch x 20 inch pieces and sew them right sides together to each side of the pillow front.  Iron the seams to the outside.  Press the pillow front until all wrinkles are out (especially the middle part where your village will go).

Step Six:  Take all your house parts and remove the paper backing from each part.

Step Seven:  Now it’s time to start building your village!  You can place your four houses in the order that I placed mine, or you can do it another way!  Take your time and get it just right.

Step Eight:  Once you have it laid out the way your want, carefully press each piece in place.  I used a sheet of pressing paper for this step.  It’s helpful in two ways:  it holds all the pieces in place and it allows you to actually move the iron around without moving any pieces.

Step Nine:  With your sewing machine, sew around each house about 1/8 inch inside the raw edge.  I used dark blue thread so that it was a fun contrast.  Set your stitch length to 1.4 and slowly sew around each piece.

Step Ten:  Iron the fusible fleece to the back of the pillow front.

Step Eleven:  Quilt around the border next to the house backing.  Either hand quilt it or machine quilt.  (It is super fast to do a little hand quilted running stitch, which is what I did.)  This step is also optional, but I feel that it really defines the village!

Step Twelve:  Attach the zipper to the two backing pieces.  I recommend this tutorial by Suzy Quilts.

Step Thirteen:  Place the pillow front and back right sides together.  Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut them to the exact same size.   Open the zipper before pinning the front and back together.  Sew 1/4 inch seam around all sides.

Step Fourteen:  Turn the pillow right side out, pushing out the corners.  Iron to make sure all wrinkles are out.

Step Fifteen:  Place the pillow form inside and zip it closed.  Your beautiful little village pillow is complete!

The fabric that I used for my houses and my border is a new line designed by Elea Lutz called My Favorite Things!  The low volume fabric behind the village is part of the Silent Night collection by Jennifer Long.  I loved how the stars looked so perfect with this little village of houses!


I recently made a quilt using My Favorite Things fabric line so it was the perfect fabric to use for this pillow!  There are a lot of little precious things that can be fussy cut for windows and roofs!  I love having this precious pillow on my couch near my new quilt!

I hope you’ll make one and be sure to tag me @redfeedsack so that I can see it too!

Thank you for following along and we’ll see you again in a couple weeks!

~ Dori ~



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