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It’s that time! We’re sharing another one of our fabulous employees who help make everything come together behind the scenes… join us today as we Get To  Know.. Sue Doherty our Director of Marketing and Business Development!

SUEBIO2Whether your must-have Therm O Web product list includes paper craft adhesives, fabric adhesives, interfacings or new Deco Foil, or (we hope) a combination of all of our product categories, it’s likely that Sue Doherty had a hand in making these your favorite creative products.

Sue has worked at Therm O Web for 16 years, beginning in the Industrial Products Division before coming over to the Consumer Products side of the business, where her natural inclination toward problem-solving and research has served our large and varied customer base very well.

“There are many things I enjoy about my job,” Sue told us, “but I think my favorite is working on new products. It’s a fun, challenging, creative process, but I always feel accomplished when introducing new products.”

Sue’s favorite Therm O Web product is the Deco Foil line; “I love adding that pop of shine to my projects and love that there are so many ways it can be used.”

When asked about her most memorable moment at Therm O Web, she couldn’t pick just one – and that’s because of the team here. “The memories I have made here are endless. Therm O Web is truly like a family,” Sue said, “and I always enjoy the summer picnics and holiday parties because it’s a time for us to have fun and enjoy each other’s friendship.”

Here’s a little Q & A we asked Sue:

1) Favorite color is definitely Green!

2) Best place to go grab a bite to eat my mom’s kitchen when she cooks.

3) if you won a million dollars…first thing you would do?   Go on a nice beach vacation!

4) Are you a sports fan? Favorite team to sheer on?  I love sports if I had to pick one it would be the Cubs.

5) Dream car if price was no limit?  I’m not really a car person.

6) Slot machines, pinball machines, xbox one or give me a good ole deck of cards?  Slot machines or a good ole deck of cards.

7) Number one quality about yourself?   I have am patient…proof as I babysit many of my nephews!

8) Dream date with any famous person?  Nope I will stick with Rich…but he could take me on a dream date.

9) Favorite tv show? movie?  I am loving the Blacklist right now but my all time favorite is Friends.

10) If you could describe yourself in an ice cream flavor..what would it be?  Rocky Road…I’m sweet, mushy and a little nuts sometimes.

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us Sue..and thanks for all you do behind the scenes!

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about the people behind the products at Therm O Web. We invite you to share your own favorite Therm O Web products and experiences with us on our Facebook page. We’ll see you there!


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  1. Carol Swift
    June 6, 2016 at 7:56 pm (8 years ago)

    How fun to read about Sue!