Hello everyone!  It’s Audrey Yeager, and I am here to share an easy winter project that you can whip up in no time using some muslin, DecoFoil, a few embroidery hoops, and embroidery thread.

I began by painting my hoops with a white wash to go with my “snow” theme.  While they were drying, I found 3 snowflake shapes that I wanted to work with in Silhouette Studio, and offset the shapes to create a large background shape for each flake.  In this image below, the offset shape of each snowflake is on the bottom.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.00.20 AM


I cut these offset shapes out of DecoFoil Hot Melt Adhesive by placing the hot melt sheet on my Silhouette cutting mat with the paper side down.  I would reccommed using a mat that is NOT brand new, as it is too tacky, which makes it difficult to get the hot melt paper off.  I then ironed on each snowflake to a piece of muslin large enough to fit my hoop (with some excess for the edges, just in case!).


hot melt set upiron



Once cooled, I peeled of the paper layer from the top of the adhesive and then placed my Irridescent DecoFoil sheet on top.  I pressed hard with a hot iron and then leet cool COMPLETELY!

foiled fabric

snowflake foiled

I centered my DecoFoil flake shape in my hoop and tightened the hoop to stretch the fabric in the center.

Next, I began to embroider the design with white thread.  Because the DecoFoil is opaque, it is very difficult to try and trace the embroidery design onto the foil.  I tried with a light box, but it didn’t work.  I then tried printing the image on a piece of paper and cutting it out and stitching right over it.  This worked OK, but it was diffucult to gently pull and cut the bits of paper from under my stitched design.  Finally, I just decided to wing it and stitch the design free hand.

embroidered paper

Once my embroidery was done, I embellished with a few sticky back pearls, and it was done!  I was able to stitch one of these in about 15-20 minutes, so I would say total construction time for one is about an hour.

close up 1 finished flake 1

finished flake 2

finished flake 2 close up


They look adorable hanging on my wall with some other sparkly flakes.  You could also tie some ribbon on top and use them as ornaments or give as a gift!

hoops on wall


hoop bag