Tamara Scarecrow Costume made with HeatnBond Soft Stretch


Hello, Therm-o-Web friends! Halloween is right around the corner and Designer Tamara Tripodi is here to share a super cute scarecrow costume featuring HeatnBond® Soft Stretch. With the use of a few Therm O Web products and a few supplies you can probably find lying around your house, you can whip this up in no time! There’s something so fun about having a hand in making your child’s Halloween costume. The Soft Stretch keeps the costume soft and moveable and allows layering of the ‘patches’ without getting stiff.

Create a Perfectly Patchy Scarecrow Halloween Costume


Scarecrow Costume Supplies:

Therm-o-Web HeatnBond® Soft Stretch

Therm-o-Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive


Fabric Scraps

Sewing Machine and Thread (or some embroidery thread and needle)


Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Gun (or you could try the Liquid Fabric Fuse)

Hay/Grass (I used a grass skirt from the dollar store)

Straw/Woven hat to decorate and items to decorate it with (fabric, flowers, leaves, etc.)

Overalls/Jumper in child’s size (Think thrift store!)



I started by trimming down the grass skirt to about 2″ to make a simple frayed grass string to adhere to the inside of the jumper. Save the cut loose pieces for ‘stuffing’. If you can not find a grass skirt you can purchase bags of straw/Grass at a craft store. Add a thin line of Liquid Fabric Fuse (or hot glue) to the inside of the jumper, press some grass over the glue, then trim. This may be itchy for a little one, so plan ahead and plan to add leggings or tights!


Time for the ‘patches’. Start by cutting random size squares from your Heat n Bond Soft Stretch that’ll be used for your patches. Make them just a tad smaller than you want the actual fabric patch to be since we need room to fray the edges. Iron your Heat n Bond to the back side of your fabric squares


Iron on the soft stretch patches randomly on the overalls/Jumper.


Rip two strips of fabric and tie bows out of them. Adhere to pockets (or straps!) with Fabric Fuse. The little bows really added an extra cuteness to the design and was a last minute add for me.

That’s pretty much it! You can keep this simple or you can really go to town on the design of your costume!


I use the Liqud Fabric Fuse to glue random buttons over the actual jumper buttons. Tie some thread through a few of them sloppy-like for a cute touch.

Use jute/twine/rope to make a belt.

If using pant overalls, glue the grass to the leg hole openings.

Using a sewing machine or embroidery thread and needle; add some random stitching.

For the hat (which I found at the dollar store) I cut it up with scissors to make it look really worn. Use some wet tea bags to stain the hat by pressing and rubbing the tea bag in random areas of the hat. This added so much to the finished look! I just did a simple large frayed bow and some straw; but you can add leaves, flowers, a crow, etc. Make it your own!



Thanks for checking out my sweet scarecrow costume design! I hope you’ve been inspired! Happy Crafting!

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