Toad Apron

Creating a pocket on an apron or a child’s t-shirt can be super easy using HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite sheets. HeatnBond® EZ Print Sheets allow you to print you design right onto the adhesive sheet saving yourself time that you might of spent tracing out a pattern.

Here’s how you can make this fun apron!

Toad pocket

Project Supplies:

You need fabric, HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite, and an applique pattern.  Find a pattern that would work great to add a pocket to.  You can find the complete Mr.Toad Apron Pattern here for free until September 2016 . You can also use a half circle to create this look.

Project Instructions:

First, print your pattern out on to your HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite.  If you dislike tracing images on to the interfacing, you will absolutely love this product.

Next, cut out the piece you desire to make a pocket.  The mouth works perfectly for this. Cut directly on the top line.

Toad Pocket 1

Toad Pocket 3

Iron the HeatnBond® EZ Print Lite on to the wrong side of the fabric.  Make sure that you put the straight piece away from the edge and you have enough fabric to fold over.

Toad Pocket 7

Cut out around the bottom of the pocket.

Do not cut the top of the pocket. TooltipText

Remove the paper backing on the interfacing. Fold the fabric over and iron the fabric down.

Toad Block 8

This makes a nice straight pocket for you to use an applique stitch around. Cut around the bottom edge of the pocket.  Making a nice crisp fold at the top of the fabric.

Toad mouth 1

It also adds a nice fun surprise to your sewing project.

Frog apron

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