We’d like to thank Carla Henton for allowing us to reshare her amazing quilt. We highly recommend stopping by her blog for more details and for more information on this project!

“Fragments of my Sunshine” Quilt

We’re sharing summery goodness all this week and thought Carla’s stunning quilt would be a perfect addition! Read on about how Carla made this.

Why not make a little sunshine?

I’ve always wanted to make a mosaic tile project so I used fabric and made a mosaic sun.

I started with a whole lot of Island Batik stash builders (5″ strips of fabric bundles).

Next, I used Island Batik Foundation Solid fabric in black for the background and drew out my sun.

I handpicked designs on my computer to use for my collage sun and with HEATnBONDĀ® LITE I created the sun.

I chose one of my favorite Island Batik Foundation Fabrics, Tourmaline to use for the outside of the sun.

There are a lot of little things about my life in this sunshine so I called it Fragments of my Sunshine.

Each and every little piece is special.

I quilted it by stitching around each piece with a rainbow of Aurifil 50 wt. cotton threads.

The Schmetz Microtex (Sharp) Chrome 80/12 needle helped to stitch right through all those layers.

The backing is Island Batik Solid, too. Islan(Sometimes you just have to show the back)

I had so much fun with this 40″ x 40″ quilt and love the vibrant colors of the fabrics.

Thank you Carla for letting us reshare your stunning quilt…it’s gorgeous!

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