HeatnBond Ultrahold No Sew Fabric Letters

Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. Today I have a fun and EASY project that is perfect for working on site words with the kids or adding fun fabric to your banners and buntings. These are so easy to make and there is NO sewing involved! You can use sewable HeatnBond if you want to add a stitching detail but that is totally optional. Enjoy!

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

Heat N Bond Ultrahold No Sew Fabric Letters


HeatnBond Ultra

Fat Quarters – Meriweather from Windham Fabrics Pictured

Pinking Shears

Iron or EasyPress

Letter Template

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

No Sew Fabric Letter Instructions:

Print the letter templates (use the scale to fit page option if you can.) Two fat quarters will get you at least half of the alphabet if you print the letters as pictured. This tutorial features six fat quarters. I recommend making extra of the more popular letters so you have more options to spell longer words.

Iron on a piece of Heat N Bond Ultra to the back of three of the fat quarters. The roll of Heat N Bond is just a few inches smaller in width than a fat quarter which is perfect. Press the HeatnBond onto the fabric. I find that the HeatnBond works best as cold peel, which means let it cool before peeling the backing off.

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

Trim the fabric to the size of the Heat N Bond. Then peel the paper and place the wrong side down on the wrong side of a second fat quarter. Now bond the two wrong sides of fabric together with your iron or EasyPress.

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

Cut the letters out. You can print them on card stock or trace them onto cardboard if you plan to use them repeatedly. Place the letters on the fabric and pin in place.

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

Once you have pinned the letters I find it easiest to use your fabric scissors to cut around the letters with a straight cut. Then cut around the letters using your pinking shears. Give each letter one more firm press to be sure that they are firmly bonded all the way around.

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

That is it! You have a fun way to make banners or to work on site words with your little one.

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

The kids will love playing with these! I made this entire set for my son’s kindergarten teacher for teacher appreciation day. Because really a mug is nice but things they can actually use and didn’t have to pay for out of their own pocket is pretty fantastic right?

Heat N Bond Ultra No Sew Fabric Letters

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2 Comments on HeatnBond Ultrahold No Sew Fabric Letters

  1. emily finau
    February 25, 2019 at 8:59 pm (2 years ago)

    What if I then wanted to bond these letters to a sports jersey? Do you know of a possible way to do that? I am thinking that I want to create your heat and bond fabric letters on white fabric and then have kids (at a birthday party) decorate these white letters with fabric markers. Then I want to bond the decorated letters to a sports jersey. Any ideas how I could get that to work?

    • admin
      February 27, 2019 at 6:05 pm (2 years ago)

      We would recommend testing but you could use our HeatnBond Ultrahold for projects like that!