Hi!  It’s Jen Belnap from The Smitten Chicken.  We love February around here.  It’s a month of celebrations with Valentine’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday!  So we love the month of LOVE! I am always adding new Valentine’s decor and then I leave it up all month.  I came up with this Groovy Pillow this year and I can’t wait to share.  Do you want to make one too?  Grab your supplies and follow along!   P.S. This is super fast and can be finished before Valentine’s!

Here are the supplies you will need:

HeatnBond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive

Oliso Iron

LOVE SVG pattern

Basting Spray


18.5″x18.5″ white fabric

3 pink fabric pieces

Pillow form

Let’s get started!

Start by pressing the HeatnBond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive to the wrong side of the fabric (per manufactures instructions).  Then remove the paper backing and place the fabric onto a cutting mat of your favorite electronic die cut machine (I use a Silhouette).

Make sure you download the LOVE SVG.  Upload it into the software of the electronic die cut machine.  Cut out the LOVE SVG.

Using the 18.5″x 18.5″ fabric as the background, place the pink backgrounds and the letters how you like them.  I centered them on the pillow fabric.  Then press!  You can press each layer by themselves, but I did it all at once!

To give your pillow some dimension, I like to layer the front pillow with batting.  Using the SpraynBond Basting Adhesive, I adhere the pillow top to the batting.  I do the top half of the pillow first, then the bottom half.  Give it another quick press to help set the glue.  Then quilt as you desire.  I did a fun echo quilting to continue with these groovy letters!

Tip:  Since we used the HeatnBond Ultrahold, you don’t have to sew around the letters or pink backgrounds!

Now assemble the pillow back using your favorite pillow construction method.  And you are done!

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