We are winding down and ALMOST across the finish line here in Central Virginia and that means the unofficial start to summer for us! WOOT! And, though we are in pools all year round (that’s what happens when you have competitive swimmers), that also means outdoor swimming and water play! Yippeee! Today’s layout is all about outdoor water fun!

Splash Liquid Summer Scrapbook Layout

ThermOWeb Supplies;

The design of the page is easy to replicate. Loosely based on an ad that I remember seeing somewhere (probably Pinterest), I created my own “shapes” cut out of patterned paper and a 2-inch circle. I then used “negative” splash pieces from a digital cut file, leftover from another project, and arranged them on the two corners of the design. I hand-cut stencils with a Xacto knife to apply Glitz Glitter Gel.

Apply the Brilliant Blue Glitz Glitter Gel with a palette knife, to the “pointy” corners of the splash and spread it out towards the body. Clean off your palette knife with a paper towel really well and then liberally apply a scoop of white, blending the two and dragging to the end of the droplet, thus creating a variegated look.

Set this aside to dry. Be patient!

Embellish the page with your favorite coordinating goodies be they coordinated collection bits and pieces or self-curated as I have done here with monochromatic blue. Zots are a fantastic way to adhere sequins for a quick and permanent means of securing them to the page.

Now I’m ready to don my suit and some sunscreen and head to the pool! I hope y’all are enjoying your summer and finding “cool” ways to document those summer memories!

Below is the process video of how this layout came together and a visual tutorial of how to apply the Glitz Glitter Gel. Enjoy!

Splash Summer Scrapbook Layout

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