Hey guys! I’m Lisa from StubbornlyCrafty.com and I’m so excited to be joining the Therm-o-Web team! I’m a simple pattern designer and today I’ve got a sweet snowman plushie design to share with you. Let’s get started!

Snowman Plushies with Liquid Fabric Fuse


  • Pattern (DOWNLOAD IT HERE)
  • ⅓ yard white fleece, Minky, or chenille
  • ⅓ yard fleece, shirting fabric, flannel, etc. for hat and scarf
  • 1 orange felt sheet for nose
  • 1 brown felt sheet for arms
  • 2 black safety eyes or black buttons, approximately 16mm
  • 3 large buttons for the body, 18mm or larger
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Fiber Fill
  • SpraynBond Pattern & Stencil
  • SpraynBond Basting Adhesive
  • Fabric Fuse Quick Bond Fabric Adhesive
  • Doll Needle/embroidery floss (not photographed, whoops!)

**1/4 “ seam allowance unless otherwise stated.

Print and Cut Your Pattern Pieces

Print and cut out your pattern pieces. Line up the dotted lines on the top and bottom halves for the snowman’s body and tape them together. To cut out your snowman, lay out your white fabric wrong side up. Use the SpraynBond Pattern & Stencil Spray to help keep your pattern in place while tracing. It makes it so much easier with these fabrics that love to shift on you. You’ll need to cut two, mirror images (so trace one then flip the pattern over and trace a second).

On one main body piece, transfer your eye, nose, and button placement markings. I like to poke a hole through my paper on the markings with a pen then use those holes to make small marks on my fabric.

We will start by sewing the dart at the top of our snowman’s head. This helps to give his head some dimension. Fold the snowman’s body in half so the two sides of your dart meet. Sew using a ¼” seam allowance. Repeat on the second body piece.

Set your back body piece aside. Now that our dart is done, sew on the eyes. If you are choosing to use safety eyes, I recommend using a small square of stabilizer in the back to reinforce before doing so. If you don’t have a stabilizer, some white felt will work, too.

Sew on your three buttons down the front of your snowman.

Make a Felt Nose

Next, let’s make his nose. Grab your orange felt and your nose pattern. Trace one and cut it out. Fold the two sides in and sew from one end to the other, only on one side, using a ¼” seam allowance. Once sewn, trim your seam allowance to ⅛” and turn right side out.

Now trim up the un-sewn side of your carrot nose so that it’s a straight edge.

With a hand needle and thread, do a running stitch all around the raw edge of your carrot nose. Fill the middle of your nose with a bit of fiberfill then pull your thread so the edges meet, then tie off.

Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive

Now we are ready to add your nose to your snowman. Grab your Fabric Fuse Liquid Glue and place a small amount on the gathered end, then attach the nose in place, lining up the top edge of your nose on the placement line. Make sure that your seam is facing down.

I like to wait for the glue to dry then do a few hand stitches around the outside edge to make it extra secure. My kids love to play with my handmade items and I want to make sure they can do so without any issues.

Grab your snowman’s back and pin the front to the back, right sides together. Pin from one end up around the head to the other end. Also, pin the bottom straight edge leaving a 2-3” opening for turning. Sew around the perimeter, but do NOT pin or sew the notched corners on the bottom yet.

Box the Corners

Next, we will be boxing the corners to give our snowman a base to stand up. Open up the notches at the bottom of your snowman and match up the seams. Pin together and sew.

Through the opening, turn your snowman right side out.

Once turned, stuff your snowman with polyfill and hand-sew the opening closed.

Baste with SpraynBond Basting Adhesive

Now let’s get to your snowman’s arms. Grab your brown felt, your SpraynBond Basting adhesive, and the arm pattern. We will be tracing the pattern and then sewing on the line. To get the arms to be more substantial, you will be doubling up the felt. Spray your adhesive on one sheet of felt and then lay the other sheet on top.

Take your pattern and trace one arm, flip the pattern over, and trace a second an inch or two away. Take to your sewing machine and sew all the way around each arm on the line.

Once you’ve finished sewing around your arms, cut them out, leaving approximately a ⅛” seam.

Attach the Arms

Ok, now you attach the arms. I prefer to use a doll needle to sew on the arms using an X pattern. You can also use a couple of buttons instead of making Xs or you can glue the arms in place. To hide the pen marks on the arms, face those sides inward.

Place your arms at the shoulder of your snowman. Pin in place. I’ll be showing how to sew them on with a doll needle. Grab some coordinating embroidery thread and thread your needle. You’ll need approximately two arm spans’ worth of thread. Tie a knot on the end.

Start by sticking your needle in underneath one arm up by the top edge. This will help you hide the knot. Take your needle through the body of your snowman to the other arm.

Pull your thread all the way through and then put your needle back in and back across to the other arm.

Continue back and forth making an X and then tie off under one of the arms.

Let’s Make the Scarf and Hat

All we have left to do is make our snowman a hat and scarf.

Grab your fabric — I’m using shirting plaid — and your hat pattern. Trace and cut out two hats. Also, cut two 7.25”x2” rectangles for the hat’s brim and one 3.5”x30” rectangle for his scarf. At the ends of the scarf, you can add a few cuts to make fringe or leave it as is.

To sew your hat, leave the two traced hat pieces together and sew from the bottom corner up the triangle to the other side leaving the shorter bottom edge un-sewn. If you’re using a fabric that will fray, you can use pinking shears to trim the seam allowance if preferred. Turn right side out and press. Pin the two shorter edges of your hat’s brim, then sew.

Fold your brim in half lengthwise so your side seams are on the inside. Place the top of your hat inside and pin the two together so all the raw edges are on the bottom lined up.

Sew all the way around. Use a zigzag stitch to finish off your seam. You can always add a fun pompom or button, too. Add your hat and scarf to your snowman and you are finished. Hooray! I hope you love your new snowman friend!

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  1. Carmen Montmarquet
    January 6, 2021 at 10:57 am (5 months ago)

    He’s adorable, Thank You!