When Riley Blake and Thermoweb meet up, you know there is fun to be had!

Welcome to “Scaredy Cats Gone Wonky”! A quick and easy project, using Thermoweb’s StitchnSew EZ-Print Quilt Block Sheets.

Start by downloading the free Scaredy Cats Gone Wonky Pattern

Scaredy Cats Gone Wonky Quilt Supplies

***Riley Blake Scaredy Cat Fabrics***

½ yd Grid – Mint Green

½ yd Grid – Dark Orange

½ yd Grid – Gray

2 yds – Bones White

1 ½ yd – Scaredy Cat Heads Charcoal

1 package of “Stitch n Sew” EZ-Print Quilt Block Sheets by Thermoweb

Basic sewing supplies, including matching thread

Additional fabric for the backing

Wonky Blocks – Cutting Direction

Cut 1  Strip “Scaredy Cat Head Charcoal” 18” by WOF

Subcut into 3 – 7” wide pieces.  Save remaining for

outer Flying Geese border

From each of the 3 grid fabrics, cut 1 – 4” strips WOF

Subcut into 1 – 4” x 18 ½” rectangle and 1 – 4” x 7 ½” rectangle, 2 – 4” squares

From Bones White fabric

cut 3- 4” strips

Subcut those into 3 – 4” x 18 ½” rectangles, 3 – 4” x 7 ½” rectangles,

and 6 – 4” squares

Cut 1 – 12 ½” strip

Subcut into 3 – 13” x 12 ½” pieces’


Wonky Block Assembly – Make 3

Stack 1 – 4” white and 4” grid rectangle piece both right sides up.

***This is very important***

Using the lines on your mat, as shown below

Lay a ruler 1” down on the left side and 1” up on the right side. Carefully cut on this angle.

Separate strips and rotate top strip to bottom, keeping angle cut edges together.

Place right sides together, stitch using scant 1/4” seam. Open and press.

This will create both sides and the top and bottom of the block.

Make rails for all 3 wonky blocks.

Trim top and bottom rails to 7” wide. Trim side rails to 18” long.

Corner half-square triangles

Take 4” squares, draw a line from corner to corner on all white fabric squares. Laying them right sides together with grid fabrics, stitch a scant ¼” on both sides of the drawn line. Cut on drawn center line, press open and trim to 3 ½” square.  This creates the half-square triangles in the corners of each wonky block.

Using the photo above, complete 3 wonky blocks.

Stitch 1, 12 ½” x 13” piece of White Bone fabric to the top of one

wonky block and the bottom of the other 2 wonky blocks. Press open.

Stitch the 3 blocks together.

The unfinished size of this center should be 36” long x 38” wide.

Set aside for now.

Flying Geese Border 

I love paper piecing flying geese blocks. The accuracy can’t be beaten. Combined with “Stitch n Sew” EZ-Print Quilt Block Sheets” that is easy to tear away, it makes them a breeze.

If you have never tried it, check out this great video.


Check the accuracy of the flying geese template by measuring the 1” block on your pattern page.

Print 10 copies of flying geese templates onto Stitch n Sew” EZ-Print Quilt Block Sheets

Cut out templates from the EZ-Print Sheets.


You will need to add ¼” to all sides of the templates as you stitch your fabrics.

Make 4 sets of 5 templates for each, rotating your colors as shown on the cover photo.

Stitch your 5 templates together using ¼” seam. They should measure 4 ½” x 50 ½” each.  Set aside.

Top, Bottom, and Side Sashing

(Cut a bit over-sized and trimmed down)

Cut 2, 7 1/2” x 38” pieces of white bone fabric, stitching one to the top and one to the bottom.

Cut 2,  6 1/2” x 50 ½” long strips of white bone fabric. You will need to piece it, to get the length you need.

Stitch to the sides of the centerpiece.

Trim to 50 ½” x 50 ½” square. Taking a little off each side, if necessary.

Don’t Panic!

The beauty of this quilt is that you can adjust your measurements as needed. Start by measuring your 4, flying geese strips. Make your top, bottom, and side sashing a little larger or smaller, to match your flying geese strip measurements. Cutting a little larger and cutting down, as needed will save you a lot of headaches.

Using the cover photo, layout the flying geese strips as shown. Stitch the side pieces to the center block.

Cut 4 – 4 ½” blocks of white bone fabric for corner blocks. Attach them to both ends of remaining flying geese strips, and stitch to top and bottom. Carefully remove the EZ-Print template paper from the back of the quilt.

Cut 6, 2 ¼” strips of Charcoal Scaredy Cat Head fabric for binding

“Sew” don’t be a “Scaredy Cat”. You can rock this Halloween with your very own “Wonky” delight.

Til next time…Keep on Stitchin’

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