This little guy was made with my Lil’ Okey Sewing Pattern. After sewing him following the instructions, I decided he needed to hang on my door.


You’ll need:

1 twig approximately12″

2 4″ x 4″ pieces of yellow fabric

1 piece of  fleece the same size

18 gauge black wire


First cut a piece of wire 90″ long. Fold in half and wrap each end around an end of the branch. Shape the wire to make a half circle shape. Set aside. Sandwich the batting between the two pieces of fabric.

With black thread sew a star shape onto the fabric just as you would draw one. If you choose, go over it a couple of times.

Go back and trim a 1/4″ outside the sewn line to create your star. Sew the bottom of the owl onto the twig by bringing the thread all the way around the branch and through his bottom.

Repeat this until he is secure. Tack his wing to the side wire as well for extra security. Tack the star in place on the top of the wire loop.



Jennifer Heynen

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