No-Sew HeatnBond Hem Tape Curtain Tutorial

Alicia here again from Sew What Alicia. Today I am sharing this quick and easy no-sew curtain tutorial with you. The hem tape works great for helping you to make quick home decor changes and making your own curtains couldn’t be easier. Here is a no-sew hem tape curtain tutorial.

No Sew Hem Tape Curtains

No-Sew Hem Tape Curtain Tutorial


HeatnBond Super Weight Fusible Hem Tape

Home Decor Fabric – I got this blue watercolor fabric from JOANN.

No Sew Hem Tape Curtains


Cut a piece of fabric that is the length you need for your window then add 3″. Then add 1″ to the width of your fabric.

Fold the edges on each side under 1/2″ and press in place. Then place a strip of hem tape under the fold you just created and press again.

No Sew Hem Tape Curtains

Next press the bottom edge up 1/2″. Press another strip of hem tape into the fold along the bottom edge.

Fold the top edge of the curtain under 1/2″. Press this firmly in place. Lastly, fold the top edge over 2″ and press a piece of hem tape along the bottom of the 2″ pocket you just created. This tape should line up with the 1/2″ hem you created.

No Sew Hem Tape Curtains

Note that you will only want to press the tape one time. If you hit it with heat again it makes the hem tape lose adhesiveness.

These are no-sew but you could easily throw a seam everywhere you have added hem tape to add some stability. If you are using a heavier fabric and your curtains are long you might need to sew along the seam that holds your pocket together. The extra weight hanging might cause the hem tape to separate. For a short curtain (as pictured) you don’t need to add any stitching.

No Sew Hem Tape Curtains

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