This week we’re turning our attention to hoops and all the amazing ways to use them besides as a frame for your beautiful embroidery and cross-stitch projects.

Embroidery hoops are a wonderful framework if you will for your projects and open the door to endless ways to use them for your crafting projects. Using our search feature here on the Therm O Web blog for HOOP will allow you to find a multitude of wonderful projects all centered around a hoop. Be it for fabric or paper as many companies now offer embroidery-hoop-shaped dies for you to mimic the same look for your papercrafts. Join us all week as we shift our focus to Hoop It Up!

Rainbow Dream Hoop Art

Sometimes a simple message is the best one.  Someone I know was redoing their home office and they wanted something to hang on the wall.  They were having issues finding just the right piece to hang on the wall.  They knew they wanted something that would inspire them without overwhelming the space.  I was happy to make this pendant hoop project.  I was looking for just the right phrase, “Dream” just seemed to be the simplest but the best.

Rainbow Dream Hoop Art Instructions

To start this project I grabbed some white cloth, a hoop, and some ribbon.  I cut the white fabric to around 3” bigger than my project, after the fabric was placed in the hoop I cut the extra fabric away in the back.  Then I attached 18” ribbons on the back bottom of the hoop.  I did this in backward rainbow order so on the correct side it would show in the correct order.

Next, I painted a pastel rainbow and spattered some white and black paint.

Using my Minc on level 4, I took a bunch of the Laura Kelly Toner Sheets and Transfer Sheets and ran them through. After pulling them off the negative, I attached to half a sheet of the iCraft Deco Foil Toner Sheet so that I could cut out my ‘Dream’ wording. I used the Eileen Hull Easy Cut Adhesive Sheets, Clear to attach the toner sheet. After laminating the foil onto the toner sheets in my Minc, I cut the ‘Dream’ phrase.  I cut a second set out of plain black cardstock for a black outline on my letters.

To attach my letters all I had to do was peel off the backing on the adhesive sheet.  I did also use iCraft Ultra Bond Permanent Dries Clear Adhesive Pen, 1 fl oz because I was attaching to fabric and this would ensure me a good bond.

To finish everything I added a few gems.

I hope my friend is happy with the finished project and inspires them to “Dream”.

Therm O Web Products used:
iCraft Ultra Bond Permanent Dries Clear Adhesive Pen, 1 fl oz

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