Halloween Dracula Garden Flag

This “Dracula Garden Flag” is 14″ x 27″.  It has been designed, using the “Gray Bunny Garden Flag Stand”. It’s a nice tall 51” x 15” wide stand you can find on Amazon HERE for under $20.

HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl has made it so easy to take decorating outdoors and not worry about things weathering. It is easy to paint on and cleans up with just water. My experience has been, that it holds up to the sun’s damaging rays, as well.

With these supplies, you will be on your way to decorating your outdoors, in no time.
1/2 yard purple fabric for the background
1 – 14 1/2” X 27 1/2″ backing fabric
1 fat quarter lime green for lettering
1 fat quarter black fabric
5” x 7” piece of flesh color fabric
Scraps of 2 different reds and grays, white and yellow fabric for appliques
HeatNBond EZ Print Lite
ThermOWeb Pressing Paper or parchment paper
HeatNBond Liquid Vinyl
Chalk Marker
Applique Pressing Sheet
Foam brush or fine bristle paintbrush
“Crafters Edge” alphabet dies
Crossover II Die Cutting Machine
“Oliso” iron
Thread to match
Start by downloading the free Dracula Garden Flag pattern HERE

“Crafter’s Edge” alphabet dies makes cutting letters so easy. Using the Crossover II machine that allows you to change the pressure on the roller bars, makes it as easy to cut just 1 layer of fabric as it is 5-6 layers. I love it!

Not to worry if you do not have the dies, similar letters are included in the pattern.

This pattern is HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets friendly. No more tracing. Just pop them into your printer and you are ready to go. Once the patterns are printed, rough-cut pattern pieces from fusible sheets and fuse to reverse side fabrics, following the manufacturer’s directions. When cool cut out all appliques.

It’s the details, that can bring an applique to life. Transferring stitching lines on dark fabrics can be a challenge, but using this technique, makes it so easy. Just stitch on the backside before you remove the backing paper, using a thread color you want to show on the front in your bobbin. The paper easily tears off and you have your design details on the front.

When you’re flag is completely fused and stitched, using your favorite method, you’re ready for the backing. Let’s think about it for a minute first. Do you need a flag that is visible from both sides? If so, you will want to make 2 and sandwich them together, skipping the backing fabric. But if you are hanging it where it’s only visible from one side, you can add a plain backing, or even make 2 different flags, as I am doing.

Decisions decisions! You are going to be seeing more of these flags throughout the year, “sew” won’t you join us? Once you have decided what’s best for you and you complete your flag, you are ready to waterproof it with Liquid Vinyl.  Lay your flag out on a sheet of parchment paper. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, paint a thin layer of vinyl on one side of your flag and let it dry. For more protection you can add up to 3 layers, letting it dry in between each one. When completely dry, flip the flag over and do the exact same thing on the back.

Once that side is completely dry, press the flag between 2 sheets of ThermOWeb Pressing Paper or parchment paper, following the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure you do not touch iron directly on the vinyl, and that the bottom surface is on a protective paper as well. When cool remove from paper and flip over and repeat the last steps.
Enjoy your new flag!
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