HeatnBond Soft Stretch Family Space T-Shirts

Alicia here from Sew What Alicia. I recently took my family on vacation and all the planets aligned for me to create some seriously fun t-shirts. We decided to go to the Kennedy Space Center, then I found the NASA themed Riley Blake fabric, and then I remembered I had these sublimation markers and I knew we would have some super fun shirts for our trip. Here is how to make these cute family t-shirts.

Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Family T-Shirts


Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Fusible Adhesive

Artesprix Sublimation Markers

NASA Fabric

Polyester T-Shirts

I’m Going Space Commando PDF

Space Command PDF

Space T-Shirt Instructions:

The sublimation markers work on TONS of surfaces. They do not work on 100% cotton. For these family shirts, you will want to make sure and find a polyester shirt (activewear shirts typically contain a good amount of polyester but be sure to check the tag.)

Print one of the space patterns above. You can create your own pattern just know that when you are printing you will want to mirror the image. I printed on regular printer paper but I have also used card stock. With printer paper, you want to make sure you have a scrap piece of paper behind because the markers will bleed.

 Fill in your image or wording. I like to go over the image several times because if the markers look streaky on the page it will be streaky on your shirt. Remember that what you see on the page is what you will get on the shirt.

Mark the center of your shirt and the center of your image. Line the image up onto the shirt.

Use a heat source. I like the Cricut EasyPress for this job. Read the directions on the box for heat settings for the heat source you use.

Now fussy cut a piece of fabric that will be the “patch” on your shirt. Trace this piece onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond Soft Stretch and cut the soft stretch out. Press the soft stretch onto the patch. Then line the patch up on the shirt. I placed the patch directly over the company logo on the sleeve, because they have already done the work to center and place that right??

Repeat for all of your family shirts. You could create any theme you wanted for these shirts and have a fun collection of family tees.

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