Hi this is Jenifer here with you today to share this fun little pillow.  The folded star pattern is an oldie but goodie, but using some HeatnBond® makes it a little easier and quicker to put together.

7×7 Folded Star pillow
Therm O Web Supplies:
Therm O Web HeatNBond Lite
Other Supplies:
Fabric Scraps
small Iron
Using a piece of HeatnBond® cut out a square 8×8.  Draw out 1″ grid lines and some diagonal lines on the glue side of the HeatNBond®.
Cut out 4 4×4 squares for the center of the star and 8 4×4 squares for the next row and 10 4×4 squares for the last row of squares.  Fold the 4×4 square in half and then bring the folded edges to the centers giving you a nice triangle.  Using a small iron, iron down the triangles into a 4″square, taking care to not iron the HeatnBond® where there is no fabric.
Make the triangles the same way layering them on each seam and using the grid drawn on the HeatnBond®.
Repeat for last layer.  With everything ironed in place sew down the center of all the seams all the way around, the stitches won’t hardly be seen.  Last step is to cut the last 2 4×4 squares diagonal and sew one to each corner.  Trim block, add trim if desired sew 3 sides and stuff .
I hope you have enjoyed my project today, I made this into a cute little pillow but it could also work as a fun little pincushion or if you add more rows it could be a larger pillow, the possibilities are endless.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Holiday.

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