Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets

Brutus Monroe

Shiny and Bright with NEW Brutus Monroe Products

Our Brutus Monroe for Deco Foil line is much talked about since we revealed all the amazing new products at Creativation 2019! Brutus Monroe This release we’re expanding on our unique Designer Toner Sheets with bold patterns that come packed with BOTH clear and white printed toner sheets! Meet… Kaleidoscope, Static, Cobblestone, Double Dots, Paint […] Read more…

Fairy Dust Mixed Media Tag

Mix Things Up with a Little Fairy Dust

“Fairy Dust” When I think of love the first thing that comes to my mind is my daughter running around when she was two blowing “fairy dust” on people. She was obsessed with all things “fairy”. So much so that she wore wings and carried a wand wherever she went. So I wanted to do […] Read more…

Brutus Monroe Mixed Media Snowflake

Brutus Monroe Mixed Media Winter Snow Friend Snowflake

“Snow Friend” When I was a young adult I loved snow. Wet snow, clumpy snow, fluffy snow…SNOW! I remember not minding driving it, walking in it, playing in it, or just simply watching it come down. My kids LOVED the snow. Especially my daughter. We would have have such trouble getting them out of it […] Read more…

Brutus Monroe Deco Foil Toner Sheets

Introducing our New Brutus Monroe Products

Deco Foil Designer Toner Sheets by Brutus Monroe We’re very happy to share the exciting news we’ve been keeping under wrap! We’re pleased to continue our relationship with Brutus Monroe and bring you innovative and fresh designs! We’d like to introduce you to our NEW Brutus Monroe for ThermOWeb Deco Foil Toner Sheets available in […] Read more…

Just a Little Country Mixed Media Tag

Just a Little Country Mixed Media Tag

“Just a Little Country” Mixed Media Tag I love going to the pumpkin patch with my family.  My husband and I have taken the kids every year since our oldest actually wast a baby.  Since the kids have been able to pick out their own pumpkins, our rule has been that ‘if you can lift […] Read more…

Into the Wood Mixed Media Clock

Into the Woods Mixed Media Clock

Designer Heather Collins collects all types of things. The thrill of the hunt is also a bit of her passion. Wait till you see what Heather has created today… Into the Woods Mixed Media Clock by Heather Collins Going into a store I will beeline to the clearance aisle and the hunt will begin. Sometimes […] Read more…

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