Gail Dicks

Pumpkin Pie Applique

Pumpkin Pie Applique with HeatnBond Soft Stretch Lite

Hello fellow crafters! Gail here from Boo and Lu. Today I am sharing a fun fall applique with you! We love Thanksgiving in our home, though maybe for the wrong reasons. We LOVE food. As a military family, we don’t often get to spend the holidays with families, but that doesn’t stop us from creating […] Read more…

Summer Ice Cream Applique Top

Fun Summer Ice Cream Top Using HeatnBond Soft Stretch

One of my favorite things to do with the kids in the summer is playing outside. And with playing outside comes lots of clothes changes. At least in our house! Somehow my girls manage to get dirty just by breathing. Seriously, they are dirt magnets! Some might say that they shouldn’t wear their nice clothes […] Read more…

Corn Hole Bean Bags

Making Bean Bags for Outdoor Games with HeatnBond

Summertime is officially here for a lot of us (though school won’t be out here on the northeast for another 10 days), and with summertime comes lots of outdoor play! Our family is big on outdoor activities that the whole family can participate in. With children ranging from 3 years old all the way up […] Read more…

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