Take Flight
By Heather Collins

Growing up I grew up by a lake, actually 3 lakes.  It was great way of living in the country and being one with Mother Nature.  My Dad and I took so many walks around that lake that I lost count.  I always enjoyed looking for wildlife.  The dragonflies were one of the favorite things to see, probably because unlike so many things by the lake they didn’t bite.  

To start this project I painted a unfinished wooden dragonfly in grey and turquoise paints and sprinkled ultrafine glitter over the whole thing before it dried.  

After it was dry.I put some of the “iCraft UltraBond Permanent Dries Clear Adhesive” along the edges of the wings and the body of the piece.  Then right side up, right when the glue became tacky, I put a piece of the “iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Gold” and rubbed, just to get a distressed look.  

Using a minc on setting level 4 I ran two pieces of toner card panels through one with the “iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Aqua” and the other with the “iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Deep Blue”.  I also used the iCraft Toner card panels and run it through the minc with the negative for a future project.

Next turned the dragonfly over and traced the wings out and cut them out.  Then I ink blended “Pinkfresh Inks: Seaside and Mermaid Cove” on the wings. One I did all over with the darker and then came in with the lighter and then on the bottom wing I did the opposite. 

To finish the piece I put a piece of “iCraft 3D Foam Tape Jumbo Roll (White) 1/8 Thick x54ft” under one side of the dragonfly’s wing and bent it to give a 3D look.  Then down the center I added “Brutus Monroe Acrylic Bubbles”.

Products Used:

iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Sheets Gold, Aqua, Deep Blue

iCraft 3D Foam Tape Jumbo Roll (White) 1/8 Thick x54ft

iCraft UltraBond Permanent Dries Clear Adhesive

Brutus Monroe Acrylic Bubbles

Pinkfresh Inks: Seaside and Mermaid Cove

Dragonfly Unfinished wood decor piece

Turquoise and Grey Paint

Ultra Fine Glitter

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