Heather Tyler (Qtee Card Designs)

Hello Crafty Friends! Today, it’s all about creating those summer VIBES with Deco Foil! I will be working with toner/laminator and hot foil on my projects! Let’s get these summer VIBES going!

For my first card, I used the Brutus Monroe Blues Waves foil for the pool water (my absolute favorite) and used the Tide Pool foil for the inside lining of the pool! I used the Brutus Monroe Rainglow foil for both of the umbrellas and the Deco Foil Rainbow foil for the float and the sentiment! I ran each foil sheet with the Deco Foil black toner sheet through the Fuse Foiling System.

I then die cut the card base, pool lining and the sentiment with the Deco Foil Foam Adhesive sheet! This allow my pieces to be raised and sticky on both sides!  On the top of the die cut pieces, I pulled off the covering of my sentiment and pool lining to stick my matching foiled die cut piece right on top. For the card base, I peeled off the top and placed my paper. I then place my die cut of the foiled pool where I wanted it on the card base and lined up the actual die over it, using the purple tape. I then ran it through the die cutting machine, then removed the pool foam, so now I have depth in the pool. I laid down the foiled pool onto my card and fitted the card base around the pool and secured it with purple tape. I glued down the pool and then just removed the covering of my card base and secured it to the card! To finish the card, I placed the rest of the pieces. I used the 3d foam to pop up both umbrellas!

To finish the card, I placed the rest of the pieces. I used the 3d foam to pop up both umbrellas!

The second card I used both toner/laminator and hot foil! I used Deco Foil Transfer sheets in a lot of colors, Mystic Rainbow, Pink Melon, Prince Periwinkle, Glass slipper, and Peach Princess! 

I ran each foil sheet with the Deco Foil black toner sheets (shiny side up) through the Fuse Foiling System. After that I placed the ICraft Easy Cut Adhesive on the back of the foiled sheets. I then die cut the various pieces from the Happy Mouse Popsicle Die (an amazing die set from the Sassy Club), the sentiment and the bow! When I put the dies pieces together, I just peeled off the backing and I didn’t have to use any glue! It made it look so smooth!

I used Deco Hot foil (Rainbow) and the Glimmer Hot foil machine to make the outline of the clouds looked like rainbows! I cut a piece of the hot foil just a little wider and longer than the plate, while the Glimmer machine is warming up with the plate (design side up) on it. Once the green light comes on, I laid the foil, shiny side down, then I added my cardstock to it, the included shim and spacer plate to it! I then removed the whole base from the Glimmer and ran it through my die cutting machine, then I carefully remove the foil from the cardstock! Lastly, I assembled the card!

I hope you feel inspired to use these Therm-O-Web products for your summer VIBES projects and cards! I hope you have a fabulous, crafty weekend!


Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets- Blue Waves

Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets-Tide Pool

Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets-Rainglow

Deco Foil Transfer Foil Value Pack-Rainbow

Deco Foil Transfer Foil Sheets-Mystic Rainbow

Deco Foil Transfer Foil Sheets-Pink Melon

Deco Foil Transfer Foil Sheets-Prince Periwinkle

Deco Foil Transfer Foil Sheets-Glass Slipper

Deco Foil Transfer Sheets-Peach Princess

Deco Foil Hot Foil Roll-Rainbow

ICraft Purple Tape

Deco Foil White Foam Adhesive Sheets

ICraft Easy Cut Adhesive Sheets

ICraft Memory Tape Runner 50 Ft

Deco Foil Black Toner Sheets

ICraft 3D Foam Squares

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