“Stained Glass Cupid Heart ” designer Heather Collins enjoys decorating for the holidays. And has an amazing project for you today to get you in the Valentine mood!

Stained Glass Cupid Heart Decor

Now that Christmas is over, I am so ready for all the bright colors that come with spring and summer. Once I saw the iCraft Transfer Sheets “Rainbow Shattered Glass”, I had so many projects running through my head for Valentine’s Day. Traditionally people want to stick to reds or pinks, but why limit yourself to those colors? Use the whole rainbow!

Supply list for “Stain Glass Cupid”
Therm O Web supplies:
– Deco Foil Transfer Sheets – “Rainbow Shattered Glass – COMING SOON!
Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive
iCraft 3D Zots

– Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink
– Brutus Monroe “Raven” Embossing Powder
– Brutus Monroe Glitter Glaze – “Gold”
– Gold Heart Cutout
– “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Glitter Hearts” stickers
– Wooden Big Heart and Wooden Small Heart
– Razor
– Brayer
– Cupid die cuts
– scissors
– heat tool

Stained Glass Cupid Instructions:

To start this project I took the double unfinished heart that I bought from Brutus Monroe and poured glue on it. Using my spatula, I smeared the iCraft Ultra Bond Adhesive to cover the entire solid heart. Next, I placed two sheets of the 6”x12” iCraft Transfer Sheets “Rainbow Shattered Glass” on it, right side up. Then, with my brayer, I smoothed the foil. After everything was covered I put the heart under some heavy items I had in my crafting space to dry. Once I knew the piece was dry, I took a razor and cut off the parts of the foil that were hanging over my heart.

To create the ‘stained glass’ look to the piece I coated the top-dimensional heart with Brutus Monroe Embossing Ink. Since there is virtually no dry time I was able to cover the entire heart. With two sheets of copy paper as a drop cloth, I poured Brutus Monroe Embossing Powder “Raven” over the entire heart, recovering the embossing powder that fell through the cracks and repeating the process in sections until the entire heart was coated. Then taking my heat tool, I heat-set the embossing powder till the entire heart was shiny. Since the iCraft Ultra Bond Adhesive has a fine tip, I ran a bead of glue under all of the cutouts and put the two hearts together and once again put some weighted items on top until the glue was dry.

Next, I coated a small wooden heart with Brutus Monroe Glitter Glaze “Gold” and set it aside to dry. Then I went in search of those elements that would finish my project off. I don’t know about you, but when I am crafting, I always make a few extra pieces. I do this in case I mess up, want to add more, or even to try different colors out. Mostly, I like to have everything I could possibly need, including extras, before I start to assemble a project. I find that it interrupts the creative process to have to stop and restart if I have need of one more item that has to be created from scratch.

To assemble and finish this piece all I needed was 3D Zots. I found two little cupids in my ‘extra’ bucket and colored them gold since they came red, plus a sticker set. I layered a gold heart, the golden glazed heart I made earlier and my two little cupids with just the 3D Zots. The “Happy Valentine’s Day” and red stickers already had adhesive on the back of them. And that completed the project. `

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Proof…today’s project and a peek of a future project!

1 Comment on Stained Glass Cupid Heart Decor

  1. Roberta S.
    January 17, 2019 at 12:32 pm (3 years ago)

    The shattered glass decofoil is stunning and I really want the new ones shown in the sneak peeks for Creativation. I am in love with the Heart that Heather Collins of Brutus Monroe. Looking forward to what you have for both Gina K and Brutus Monroe’s product lines.