Peace, Love, and Kindness Birthday Boots

By Heather Collins

Nextdoor to where we live we have a family of a husband, wife, and their young daughter.  I was friends with the husband’s Mom who used to live in the house.  The little girl is turning two and I wanted to give her something special for her Birthday.  

Both of my kids LOVED rain boots!  So I bought special light-up ones and decided to make a removable charm that her Mom can put in a keepsake box for later dress-up, which again both my kids loved doing.

Birthday Boots with Laura Kelly Products

To start this project I used the brand new collection from Laura Kelly and heat laminated the Berry Purple Transfer Foil and Wacky Waves Toner Sheets.   

Then I used a wavy 1” punch and punched out a few circles. Using the New Ultrabond Adhesive Pen I attached two of these circles back to back to each other”. I poked a hole and attached a jewelry jump brad.

Next, I stamped with “Brutus Monroe Raven Detail Ink” several stamps from the “Kindness on Purpose” on Brutus Monroe Shrink Film.  

Then I grabbed my jewelry supplies and created a dangler.

I can’t wait for next weekend and I can give my neighbor her “big girl” gifts! 

Therm O Web Items

Laura Kelly Transfer Foils – Berry Purple

Laura Kelly Toner Sheets – Wacky Waves

Laura Kelly – Kindness on Purpose Stamps

Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive Pen


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