Not So Scary Bat

by Heather Collins

Want a quick and simply project you can make yourself or with your kids?  Then this is the project for you!  I love making projects like this, because you can personalize this type of project anyway you want!

To start I grab an unfinished wood piece, for this one I grabbed a light up wooden bat.  Then painted with acrylic paints.  For this project I not only painted the top layer, but I painted the inside black, otherwise it doesn’t look finished.

Next I took the “iCraft Decofoil Adhesive Pen” and colored in the edges of the inside of ears and the inside of the wings.  I let it dry for about 30 seconds then took a piece of “iCraft Silver Start Foil” and laid it on my piece shiny side up.  Then I rubbed when I used the pen with my finger.  Remove the sheet to reveal the foiled part. I also attached “Zots size Small” and repeated the prior step.  Repeat these steps as many times as you wish to add more shine.  And that’s it, you can add foil easily to any project!

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