by Heather Collins

When it comes to decorating for the holiday season there are so many ways to do so, including not following any rules.  I like to change things up every year and being able to create decor items from scratch fully allows me to express my creativity.  This can also include the tones and colors of the seasons.  Even though I used the traditional colors they I have decided to make a modern twist on a traditional classic theme.  

To start this project I first like to gather everything in the colors that I am wanting to use.  This way I can fully see everything that I have on hand in case I need to add something to my crafting pallet.  

Taking an unfinished wood piece I bought from a big box store I painted it.  To achieve the look I wanted I mixed acrylic paints, water colors and basically anything that in the color family that I was wanting to use of blue, purple, orange, gray, cream and white.  I like to mix and blend colors to get the achieved final color I want.  I splatter with white paint to add a little bit of a distressed hint.  There is glow in the dark paint where the eyes and nose appear.

Because of the heat we are experiencing I didn’t have to wait long for my piece to fully dry. Taking the “Simply Stories Typeset Rub-Ons” and adding them in three places on the piece so that it added another layer to the piece.  

Using “Paperclay” I made a bunch of mushrooms and after they were dry I used the same paint colors as the piece so they would work well together.  

After everything was dry I traced the lines of the flower with the “iCraft Deco Foil Clear Transfer Adhesive Pen” waited like 15-30 seconds and laid a piece of “Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets- Copper Ripples” and rubbed.  This transferred  the foil onto the piece in a distressed type of style.  

To add glimmer to the mushrooms I took the “iCraft Deco Foil Clear Transfer Adhesive Pen” and dotted the dots on the top of my mushroom waited again the 15-30 seconds and laid a piece of the “Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets- Copper Ripples”.

To finish the piece I adhered my faux flowers, spiders, mushrooms, vial, leaves and ribbon”.  Then using a pallet knife I added “Brutus Monroe Glitter Gel- Apricot” around the piece and “Orange Glass Glitter”.  

Products Used:

“Brutus Monroe Foil Transfer Sheets- Copper Ripples

“iCraft Deco Foil Clear Transfer Adhesive Pen”

Unfinished Wood Piece

“Brutus Monroe Glitter Gel- Apricot”

“Simply Stories Typeset Rub-Ons”

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