Birthday celebrations mark those milestones, that make your heart melt.

Today we are celebrating babies’ first birthday with these quick and easy bibs.

Happy Birthday Baby Bib

These sweet bibs in a toddler size, take just 2 fat quarters of a cotton fabric

1 fat quarter of pre-shrunk cotton flannel, for the hidden layer in the middle.

Kam Snaps or “Velcro” makes for easy on and off.

HeatNBondĀ®EZ Print Featherlite. I love the weight of this fusible, and how it stays so soft.

Searching online for bib patterns, I was delighted when I found this one from “Fishsticks”. It’s quick and easy to sew and has three children sizes as well as an adult size is included with it.

You can download this free pattern HERE

When it comes to applique, I love to search online for clip art. This adorable cupcake came from the Clipart Library. It is a free download, that is licensed for personnel use.

You can download it along with more fun birthday designs HERE


When using clip art for applique, you may need to reverse the design. You can tape your design to a window, use a lightbox, or you may have a photo program that allows you to reverse the image. No matter what method you use, when tracing your pieces onto your fusible, take a moment to think about how the pieces are going to be layered and add a little extra to accommodate things that need to be tucked under another layer.

Stitch down your applique using your favorite method, and jazz it up a bit with some free motion thread painting as I’ve done for the sprinkles on the cupcake.Ā  When using a water-resistant back, you will want to do your stitching to just the top and the flannel center before adding the back and sewing the bib together.

Now… let the party begin!

Happy Birthday Bib

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