Deco Foil Flock Summer Fun Layout

Ah, those summertime days and nights. They are a time to really relax, go for a dip in the pool and maybe, with a popsicle! LOL! My daughter is quite the little mermaid, she could probably live in the water if we allowed her to do so. When she was little, my Mother in Law would give her a popsicle on those especially hot days. And with her childhood innocence, the thought never entered her mind of leaving the pool to have an afternoon snack.

Summer Fun Layout

To start this project I took Brutus Monroe Surface Inks and stamped out several popsicles using the “Perfect Popsicle” stamp set by ‘Sunny Studio Stamps’. You want to start with your darker color of ink on the stamp labeled “b” then your lighter color stamping “c”. After I was done with the Popsicle tops, I used the cutting die set that coordinated and then stamped out the ‘stick’ part of the Popsicle.  To get the perfect placement you want to make sure you use the iCraft Purple tape that won’t harm your project and can be used multiple times.

Deco Foil Flock

With that 4”x6” photograph of Kaylee in the Pool I trimmed my ‘Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet – Blue Diamond’ about ¾” bigger. Then with an old 2 step punch, I took my Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet – Blue Diamond and punched all around it to create a framed look. To attach the photo I simply used iCraft Adhesive Tape ½”. I used this same adhesive tape to attach my piece of scrapbook paper to my 12”x12” wooden canvas. Everything was attached with the adhesive tape and 3D Zots. When doing this I like to create a layered look. This gave the piece a more 3D look.

Deco Foil Flock Title

When I was done with everything, I felt the piece needed something else in the white space above everything. So with some 2” Alphabet letter dies I cut out “Summer” in ‘Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet – Sunshine Yellow’. After the letter was attached using the iCraft Adhesive Tape ½” I felt the piece was complete. It was a great way of capturing that summer perfect day. What will you create with the new Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets?

Summer Layout Supplies

Deco Foil  Flock Transfer Sheet – Blue Diamond

Deco Foil  Flock Transfer Sheet – Sunshine Yellow

Brutus Monroe Surface Inks

iCraft 3D Zots

iCraft Adhesive Tape ½”

iCraft Purple Tape

“Perfect Popsicles” stamp set by ‘Sunny Studio Stamps’

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