Deco Foil Unicorn Hoop Decor

Unicorns are magical and beautiful and loved by many people, especially my daughters. They asked me to make something unicorn themed for their room, and I came up with this Unicorn Face hoop. Adding a flower crown just adds to the magic of this fun decoration.

Unicorn Supplies:

Unicorn Hoop

Prepare eyes and ears:

  1. Trace or print the pattern pieces onto the paper side of freezer paper, fuse to felt using an iron on medium heat with no steam.
  2. Cut out pattern shapes using sharp scissors.
  3. Peel off freezer paper.
  4. Layer the light pink inner ear on the outer earpiece.
  5. Cut the slit on the inner ear so it’s also on the outer earpiece.
  6. Place a small dot of hot glue on one side of the slit and cross over the other side as shown, this will create a small dart in the bottom of the ear, allowing it to pop off the hoop a bit.

Make a golden horn:

  1. Trace horn pattern onto the paper side of DecoFoil Hot melt adhesive, cut around pattern with a small margin
  2. Fuse the adhesive onto the felt. (follow package instructions)
  3. Cut out on the traced line and remove the paper backing.
  4. Take felt and DecoFoil in gold to a pressing surface. Place the felt adhesive side up and cover with the gold foil. (the colored side of the foil should be facing up)
  5. Fuse with a medium heat iron with no steam.
  6. Peel away the excess foil.

Unicorn Hoop Assembly:

  1. If desired, wrap outside hoop with fabric, ribbon or yarn.
  2. Place fabric in hoop, make sure it’s taut.
  3. Trim fabric to 1/2″ from hoop and glue to the inside of the hoop.
  4. Position features on the hoop. Glue horn and ears into place with hot glue.
  5. Fold over half of one eyelash and use Fabric Fuse liquid adhesive to place a thin line of glue on an eyelash, gently lay back in place.
  6. Repeat for other half of eyelash and second whole eyelash.
  7. Add flower crown to Unicorn Face. Glue flowers and greenery in place using hot glue.

This unicorn hoop makes a great addition to a whimsical gallery wall or as a stand-alone decoration in a playroom or bedroom. I hope you enjoy yours as much as my girls do!

xoxo, Amy



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