Mixed Media Unicorn Party Decor

Hi everyone, I am so excited to bring to you my very first project as a designer for Therm O Web! It seems I was introduced to  Therm O Web products practically at birth.  Whether I was sewing or papercrafting, their products were in my ‘must haves’. After doing a mixed media project that was co-branded between Brutus Monroe and Therm O Web, I was even more hooked! Luckily, because I am the Creative Coordinator at Brutus Monroe, we have Therm O Web’s products right on hand.

Create a Mixed Media Unicorn with Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

Therm O Web supplies:

-Deco Foil Adhesive Pen
-Teal Deco Foil
-Gold Deco Foil Transfer Sheets
-Pink Melon Deco Foil Transfer Sheets
-Lime Deco Foil Transfer Sheets
-Deco Foil Black Toner Sheets
-iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive

Brutus Monroe supplies:

-Cornflower surface ink
-Oz surface ink
-Phonebook surface ink
-Large Media Mat
-Squeaky clean

-waterbrush medium tip

-Paper Mache Unicorn
-white acrylic paint
-clear gesso
-glass glitter
-Big Shot
-Heat Gun

My daughter’s 11th birthday was approaching and she wanted to have a Unicorn theme. It seems that Unicorns are everywhere you look in 2018, but I wanted her party to be unique just like her. I had stumbled upon a paper mache unicorn at a big box store with a coupon in hand. This would be the perfect centerpiece.

Mixed Media Unicorn IMG_20180106_124726598 copy

Create a Mixed Media Unicorn with Deco Foil Instructions:

Upon bringing it home I gessoed it using clear gesso in two coats.

After both coats of clear gesso were thoroughly dried, I covered the unicorn head to tail in two coats of white acrylic paint. Again I let this thoroughly dry. Luckily my daughter is very talented and wanted to draw the eyes on the unicorn. She has loved crafting with me since she has been 3 years old.

On the hip of the unicorn, I drew with the Deco Foil Adhesive pen a heart and three small dots. And then rubbed some ‘Gold’ Deco Foil to that area. Next, I took Brutus Monroe ‘Cornflower’ and ‘Oz’ surface inks and rubbed the cubes on the mane and the tail of the unicorn.

I used a water brush to blend and spread the ink where the cubes couldn’t reach. When I was happy with how the mane and tail looked, I heat set with a heat gun, carefully not staying in one spot for too long. The horn of the unicorn was done the same way but using ‘Phonebook’ surface ink. Next, I took the Deco Foil Adhesive pen and marked where I wanted the foil to go. On the horn, I used ‘Gold’ Deco Foil and on the tail, I used the ‘Teal Verde’ Deco Foil.

Mixed Media Unicorn

My Minc machine was set to level 4 and turned on and warming up. I cut two of the black toner sheets in half and then used my Big Shot machine with a flower die that I had in my craft room.

My daughter and one of her best friends foiled the flower shapes with ‘Gold’ and ‘Pink Melon’ Deco Foil. The leaves were cut and foiled the same way with the Lime Deco Foil. Since the flowers and leaves, all had precut holes they were easy to assemble and held in place with a black brad.

Mixed Media Unicorn

I attached the flowers and leaves to the unicorn using the Mixed Media Adhesive. To finish the project off I sprinkled crushed gold glass glitter on the unicorn around the flowers.
The unicorn ended up being the perfect centerpiece for her 11th birthday, but best of all this was a project that my daughter and I worked on this project from start to finish together.
Mixed Media Unicorn Party Decor
Unicorn Birthday Party

2 Comments on Create a Mixed Media Unicorn with Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

  1. Hannah R.
    January 15, 2018 at 10:26 pm (4 years ago)

    I LOVE unicorns, and I know the very unicorn you purchased. I might have to CASE this as it is AMAZING! It will be my first multi-medium project if I do! You made it sound so easy!

    Also, I recently tried Deco Foil because of Christopher from Brutus Monroe talking about it, and I was instantly hooked! Really, it is an incredible product and one I can’t stop using!

  2. Marjorie DUMONTIER
    January 18, 2018 at 7:45 pm (4 years ago)

    This is such a lovely unicorn !