If you follow me on Instagram, or if you’ve been around here for a while, you already know that I like making pillows. Most of the patterns I write, and the projects I make, are pillows. However, I recently started a quilt pattern writing class and I have been working on more quilt designs. Earlier this month I released a quilt pattern called Presents and Bows, and it teaches you how to make these fun and simple 3-D bow present blocks. I made the quilt, but, being the pillow maker that I am, I had to make a pillow too.

I used the techniques from the pattern but came up with different sizes of presents to make this sweet pillow. If you know the technique, you can do the same. Or, use the block sizes from the pattern instead! Either way, your pillow is sure to turn out cute. Especially when you use such cute fabrics, like these Little Town fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics. Today I am sharing with you some of the products and techniques I used to make this project go even faster.

Ribbons and Bows Christmas Pillow

Supplies Needed

Tools for Success

  • Each of the present blocks has four squares of fabric that need to be folded and sewn into the seams of the present to create a 3-D effect. When I made the quilt, I folded the squares and pinned them in place before sewing. When I made the pillow, I decided to try using some Fabric Stiffener Spray to see if I could fold the pinwheel sections to avoid having to pin them.

  • I was so excited that it worked! I didn’t have to pin these into the seams, which sped up the process of making these blocks by a lot!

  • I made four present blocks and added sashing and borders to make the pillow top.

  • I layered my pillow front, a batting square, and my pillow lining fabric. Then I used my favorite product, SpraynBond Basting Spray to prepare my pillow front for quilting.

  • Because I didn’t have to pin baste, I saved even more time with my project. And I didn’t have to worry about my fabric shifting around while I was hand quilting. Spray basting is my favorite!

  • Once the quilting was done, I assembled my pillow! I love having products and notions that make sewing and quilting easier. And the Basting Spray and Fabric Stiffener definitely helped with this project!