We are all pressed for time from here on out! But Therm O Web Adhesives make it quick and easy to make your own ornaments in a snap!

TOW ornament-1

You will need a clear ornament (plastic or glass), Therm O Web Glitter Dust™ Spray in any color and loose glitter.


Spray the Therm O Web Glitter Dust™ Spray right inside the ornament.

TOW ornament-2

Keep spraying until the inside of the ornament is covered.

TOW ornament-3

Pour loose glitter into the ornament and roll to cover all sides.

TOW ornament-4

Find trim to cover the cap and add Therm O Web Liquid Fabric Fuse to the trim and wrap around the cap.

TOW ornament-5

With the remainder of the trim tie a bow and adhere to the cap with more Fabric Fuse.TOW ornament-6These ornaments are so easy that even the kids could help make them. And they can be any color of loose glitter limited only by your imagination!


Happy Holidays!

🙂 Rebecca