Ice Cream Applique

One of my favorite things to do with the kids in the summer is playing outside. And with playing outside comes lots of clothes changes. At least in our house! Somehow my girls manage to get dirty just by breathing. Seriously, they are dirt magnets! Some might say that they shouldn’t wear their nice clothes outside, but I say let them play and get lots of use out of their mommy made! Because of this, I sew A LOT of summer clothes. Way more than I sew for them in the winter.

Today I am going to show you how I created this adorable peplum top with a FREE ice cream applique using Heat N Bond Soft Stretch.

Ice Cream Top Applique Tutorial


Ice Cream Applique Sewing Instructions

Please read through the instructions completely before sewing.

Step 1

  • Trace the applique shapes on the paper side of your Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Ultra.
  • Fuse the Heat N Bond to the WRONG side of your fabrics.

Step 2

  • Once your fabric has cooled down, cut out the applique shapes and remove the paper backing.

Step 3

  • Place the applique wherever you’d like it on your outfit. Because the pattern I used has a circle skirt I marked the sides and laid my applique slightly off center and tilted to the side. This is because when the skirt hangs down the ice cream will then be straight.
  • Fuse the applique to the skirt with your iron.

Step 4

  • Using coordinating threads top stitch around the entirety of the applique. I like to use the quilting stitches that come with my machine.

Step 5

  • Finish your outfit according to the instructions.

You are done! Now watch your little ones face light up as they see their fun new summer outfit!

Happy Sewing!