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The only way I can get through January is to make Valentine projects!  Something about the red, pink, and lace make me feel all happy inside.  We recently adopted a kitten and the kitten has consumed our life.  I’ve been more Crazy Cat Lady than Jedi Craft Girl lately.  So of course, this project involves kitties!


Heat n Bond® EZ Print Transfer Sheets
Heat n Bond® Fusible Fleece
Spray n Bond® Basting Adhesive Spray
Small pieces of fabric.  All the fabrics I used in my projects are from Blend fabric.
Scraps of lace
Fiber Fill

Heart Pattern

I love using the HeatnBond® EZ PRint Transfer Sheets because you can turn any image on your computer into a piece of fabric.  You can easily replace the image with a different one.  I searched “Vintage or Victorian Cats”, resized the images, and then printed the images in reverse on the EZ Print Transfer Sheets.

There are so many cute images to choose from.  I plan to make a lot of hearts!

vintage valentine cat

Cut out the images and place them face down on solid white cotton fabric.  Iron as directed:vintage valentine cat 2


Peel off the backing paper and then cut around the images:vintage valentine cat 5

I trimmed all the way around the image.  Using Spray n Bond®, spray the back of the image and place it on your desired background fabric.

vintage valentine cat 7

You can use a decorative stitch to stitch around the image:

vintage valentine cat 9

Trim the background fabric with pinking shears to add a little texture.

Prepare the heart….

Print out the heart pattern here.  Cut a piece of Heat n Bond® Fusible Fleece large enough to fit 2 hearts.  vintage valentine cat 4

Iron it to the back of your heart fabric.

Cut out 2 hearts.

vintage valentine cat 3


Cut an accent strip of fabric 2.5″ wide.  Using Spray n Bond again, spray the back of the fabric and place it on the heart.  Get out your lace and let your kitten play in it then nap in it.  Choose a few pieces for decorative accents on the heart.

vintage valentine cat 12

Spray the back of the lace and place it as desired.  Of course you can change up the pattern and design and really get creative.  Using the Spray n Bond®, you don’t have to worry about pieces shifting while sewing.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!vintage valentine cat 11Top stitch along the edges of the lace.  Now we are ready to place the kitty image.  I felt it needed another layer so I added a piece of lace to frame the image.  Spray baste it in place and stitch along the edge to secure.

vintage valentine cat 13I inherited this wonderful cigar box of vintage white buttons.  You can use any embellishments you like.  Sew the buttons on by hand.

vintage valentine cat 6
vintage valentine cat 8
Use the Spray n Bond to spray the edges of the back of the heart.  Place the top heart on the back heart wrong sides together.  The spray keeps the heart from shifting while sewing and only spraying the edges allows you to add fiberfill easily.  Cut a 10″ or so piece of lace for the hanger.  Tuck in in the heart and pin to secure.  Sew all the way around the heart close to the edge.  Leave a little opening on a straight seam to allow for stuffing.  Add a slight amount of fiberfill – overstuffing will look weird.  Then finish sewing the seam.

vintage valentine cat 15


Now, where to hang the cute little Valentine!
vintage valentine cat 38

vintage valentine cat 22

Here are some other color combinations I came up with:

This one is for my daughter, I love the blue & green combination.  I added a little sparkly tulle for the background of the picture.
vintage valentine cat 19

vintage valentine cat 27

This one doesn’t have a fabric accent strip, but uses diagonally place lace as the background.  Burlap acts as the frame for the kitty image.

vintage valentine cat 36

vintage valentine cat 34

Just to prove this project is for anyone, my 6 year old made one.  I did all the cutting and she did ALL the sewing, “by myself”.

vintage valentine cat 20

vintage valentine cat 21

She choose the fabrics, lace and button placement.  She even sewed all the buttons by herself.  Yes, I am pretty proud!  Ok, so time to get sewing!  I want to make these as gifts to give my friends and family for Valentine’s day!!  

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  1. barb macaskill
    January 19, 2015 at 11:12 am (6 years ago)

    These are absolutely darling! I am in love with them and will be making lots of these as gifts! Thanks for the inspiration!


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