Deco-Foil-FabricHi everyone!  Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams here today!  And … just around the corner is the 2015 Fall Quilt Market.  It was really exciting to hear that Therm O Web wanted to feature quilts at Market.  Since it is apple season I went for a simple, yet dramtic mini quilt to send to the show.

half square triangles
First … I took three black and white fabrics and a red fabric and I created 49 half square triangle blocks.  This color combination has a bit of an urban feel to it.

urban triangulation

Once I played around with the layout of the squares a bit I pieced it all together.


Next … it was time to add a bit of decofoil.  I drew out triangles that are slightly smaller than the finished traingels in the quilt onto the iCraft® Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive.  


I cut the triangles out and then placed them in squares around the quilt top.  Covering the triangles with a Pressing Sheet I pressed the Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive solidly for 30 seconds.  I then let the quilt top cool 100% before peeling off the top layer of paper.


I decided to use red and black Deco Foils™ to go along with the color scheme.  I place these down with the shiny side up, covered the quilt with a pressing sheet and pressed with a hot iron for 30 seconds.  Once it had cooled down 100% off I peeled the iCraft® Deco Foil off the quilt.


I layered the top, batting and a back and I decided to do a diagonal straight line stitch tightly across the quilt.

quilted foil

I wasnt sure how well quilting over the foil would work … but as you can see it worked out just fine.  I really like the effect resulted from the stitches.

quilted black deco foil

Some of my decofoil triangles aren’t perfectly set … this indicates that I didn’t let things cool long enough before peeling the foils off.  Because of the nature of this quilt I was hoping for this to happen.  I really like the grungey/urban effect of the foils in this manner.

Urban Triangulation

And with that … my quilt ‘Urban Traingulation’ is complete and has been sent to market!  Unfortunately I won’t be able to go and see it in person this time … but I hope you’ll stop by the Therm O Web booth if you do.  Stop, see the quilts, and learn more about the great products they have to offer!

Be sure to stop by our Booth #2033 at Quilt Market to see our newest products and how you can use those in your projects! Audrey’s beautiful quilts along with many other projects will be there for you to see in person! And speaking of that..we look forward to seeing YOU in person at the show! It’s going to be #foilicious


Be sure to come join us at our schoolhouse to learn more about DecoFoil and how to incorporate them into your quilting projects!

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