Transfer Tee with HeatnBond Inkjet Transfer Sheets

Looking for a fun way to play?

You can quickly create custom shirts, bags, or whatever your heart desires with

HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets

HeatNBond®Lite  Fusible Web

HeatNBond®Light-Weight Fusible Interfacing

Additionally you will need a t-shirt

scraps for applique

Matching thread

Oliso iron…their “mini-iron” is a perfect size for this little Tee.

You do not even need to be an artist. Resources on the internet are unlimited these days.

(cute clipart PNG Designed By MagicalPlanet)

This sweet little designs can be found HERE at


They have thousands of designs on their website that you can download for your personnel use.  (You are allowed 2 downloads per day, on the free account)

You will want to size the design, to what it will be transferred to.

My t-shirt is 12-month baby size. My design was small enough, I was able to get two designs on a page. One for today and one for a rainy day!

There are numerous ways to size a photo. I find that using a “Word” program, is extremely helpful. You can easily make it smaller or larger to fit your needs.  Make sure you print it on regular paper first and double-check that it is the size you want. It is easy to make any adjustments now. When using transfer sheets, your image will be reversed from the original image. If there are words in your image, you will want to reverse the image before you print it. I did not reverse mine, because it did not matter what direction the elephant was facing, and I am going to applique over the heart.

Save that test paper, as you will be using it for the embellished heart pattern.  Once satisfied print out on transfer paper, that you load it into your printer just as you would any other paper. Keep in mind the side with the print on it, is the backing paper. You want to print on the clean side.

NOTE: There are transfer sheets for light colors and for dark colors. You can purchase them separately, or a combination package of 5 pages of each color.

Adding embellishments, like the applique hearts, make it truly your own. To do this, turn a pre-washed t-shirt inside out and fuse a piece of HeatNBond®Light-Weight Fusible Interfacing to the front of the shirt. This will give it stability when you are stitching your hearts down.

Turn shirt right side out. Cut around the design you printed on the transfer paper and place upside down on top of the shirt. Following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse to the shirt.

Immediately remove backing (liner) from the transfer. Cover with the enclosed pressing sheet and following the manufacturer’s directions and fuse for 45-60 seconds. Remove pressing sheet while hot.

Using your test page, trace the heart onto a piece of HeatNBond®Lite fusible web. You will need to make 3 more hearts, 1 slightly larger and 2 slightly smaller. Fuse to the back of the applique fabric. When cool cut out. Remove backing and place on the shirt as desired.

Place the pressing sheet over the design. You do not want iron to come in direct contact with the transferred design. Fuse hearts in place. Remove the pressing sheet and stitch edges of appliques as desired. Free motion stitch, the heart shape balloon strings.

Download a copy of this tutorial for a quick reference.

Fun with Inkjet Transfer Sheets

Enjoy your little work of art with your favorite person!


PS: looking for the little fox?

You can find it HERE

(watercolor PNG Designed By MagicalPlanet)


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  1. Marcy Boswell
    March 4, 2021 at 11:28 am (3 years ago)

    This is so precious! I have a new great granddaughter so I’ll make one for her and one for her two-year old sister. Easy enough for even me to make. 🙂 Thank you for share your talent.

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