Fabric Easter Basket with HeatnBond

Want a quick and easy way to share the love with someone special this Easter?

Start by downloading the Easter Basket pattern.


1/3 – yard fabric for basket front

1/2 – yard fabric for lining and handle

5” square white fabric for applique transfer

5” square of HeatNBond®Lite

1 package of HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece

1 sheet of HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets for light colors

Oliso Iron, thread, fabric clips or pins, pressing paper (included with Inkjet Transfer Sheets and 2 large buttons

Cutting Instructions

Cut 1 – 9” X 28” strip of basket fabric and lining fabric.

Cut 1 – 9” X 27” strip of  HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece

Cut 1 – 6” X 24” strip of lining fabric for handle

Cut 1 -3” X 23 1/2” strip of HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece for handle

Tape basket bottom pattern pieces together and cut 1 basket fabric, lining fabric and

HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece circle

Fabric Easter Basket Construction

I “personalized” my basket, by using of HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets and free clipart from PNGTREE.COM You can find the design I used HERE or you can search the hundreds of free designs they have to offer. You can read more information on using Inkjet Transfer Sheets HERE.

Fuse 5” square of HeatNBond®Lite to the backside of 5” white fabric. Reverse the image for printing and size it to a 5” square. Following the manufacturer’s directions, print on a transfer sheet for light colors. Cut out design. With the printed image face down on the right side of white fabric, fuse in place and remove the paper backing from the front of the transfer.  Set aside for now.

Fuse HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece to the back of the basket fabric, centering it from side to side. Fuse 3” X 23-1/2” strip of HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece to back of the 6” X 24” strip of handle fabric, centering it from top to bottom and side to side. Fuse circle to HeatNBond®Fusible Fleece circle to the backside of the basket fabric circle.

Find the center of the fused basket fabric. Peel the backing paper from the HeatNBond®Lite on the back of the 5” fabric transfer and center it on the basket fabric 1” up from the bottom. Do not let iron come in direct contact with the transfer. Cover with pressing paper included with the HeatNBond®Inkjet Transfer Sheets. Press to fuse to basket front and applique as desired.

Fold basket front fabric right sides together and stitch short ends together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press open and topstitch on each side of the seam.

Find the center of the basket bottom piece and place a pin or clip at the top and bottom of the circle. Center basket front to bottom, right sides together. Pin or clip around the base and stitch using a 1/4” seam allowance. Do not turn right side out.

Fold lining fabric right sides together and stitch short ends with 1/2″ seam allowance. This time only stitch down 2” from the top and up 2” from the bottom, leaving an opening to turn basket right sides out though. Press seam allowance open. Add lining bottom using the same method as for basket.

Turn lining piece right side out and insert into the basket, right sides together, keeping seams and center lined up. Stitch around the top of the basket with a 1/4” seam allowance. Turn right side out through the opening in the lining and hand stitch opening closed.

Push lining down into basket and press top edge with steam to set the seam. Topstitch 1/4” from the edge.

Fold top down 1” to front, allowing the lining to show. Press with steam to set seam. Pin or clip around the top and stitch 1/4” from the edge.

Handle Construction

Fold and press ends, even with batting on the remaining piece. Fold sides in towards the center, even with the batting. Fold piece in half lengthwise, clip or pin edge together. Topstitch around the handle. Draw a line with a chalk marker or erasable pencil, down the center of the handle, and topstitch.

Matching center front to back, find sides where the handle will be attached, and mark. Using 2 large buttons, stitch handle to the basket.

Fill with Easter goodies and enjoy!

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosure HERE.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see our disclosure HERE.


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