Spring decor is so fun to create after the drab months of winter.  Let this little Gnome with his bright umbrella, rain boots, and rainbow border help you have a Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! Gnome Mini Quilt

by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks

Finished Size:  about 13 1/2” X 13 1/2”

please read through the complete instructions before starting.

Happy Spring! Gnome Mini Quilt Supplies

Free Pattern download: Happy Spring! Gnome Mini Quilt Templates

HeatnBond EZ Print Lite  iron-on adhesive – 1 sheet

StitchnSew Sew-In fleece, High Loft – 14” x 14”

SpraynBond basting adhesive

StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets – 1 sheet

Cotton Fabric: (Island Batik fabrics)

Background – 8½” x 8½” square (white)

Borders – 1″ strips of Purple – two 8 1/2″ and two 9 1/2″;  Blue two 9 1/2″ and two 10 1/2″;  Green – two 10 1/2″ and two 11 1/2″;  Yellow – two 11 1/2″ and two 12 1/2″;
Orange – two 12 1/2″ and two 13 1/2″

For applique:  scraps of white, green, yellow, brown, red, and tan.

Quilt backing:  1 – 14 1/2” x 14 1/2”

Binding:  2 – 2 ¼” x Width of Fabric (red)

Other supplies:

Aurifil Thread, InkJet Printer, Iron (I love my pink Oliso), Sewing machine, Sharp scissors, and other basic sewing supplies.  Optional:  Embroidery floss.

Happy Spring! Gnome Mini Quilt Instructions

**All patterns have been reversed for EZ printing. 

Prepare the applique patterns

Print the applique pattern template pieces (the last sheet of the pattern) onto HeatnBond EZ Print Lite sheet with your inkjet printer.  Follow the package instructions for printing and bonding to the wrong side of the fabrics. NO TRACING!  How awesome is that?

Tip:  When a light-colored fabric is used as an applique, prevent “show through” by bonding lightweight fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric before bonding the HeatnBond Lite.  Fuse the HeatnBond lite onto the interfacing and continue as with all appliques.

The applique template key (second page of the pattern) is included in the pattern.  Firstly, slide the page under the background to place the applique pieces.

Cut out all applique pieces following the solid black lines, peel off the backing paper, and place applique with the adhesive side down on the prepared background fabric.

Bond the Applique Pieces to the Background

Following the package instructions, work in sections to press the entire applique to the background until the entire applique is fused.

Stitch around appliques

Mark the umbrella lines with a pencil or erasable ink marker.  Use the key in the template pattern download as a guide.

Stitch with Aurifil 50 wt thread #2692 and sew about 1/8” in from the edges of the gnome and umbrella. Sew around each applique piece at least twice. Stitch the umbrella lines twice, too.

Stitch Happy Spring!

The next step is to stitch the embroidery letters.  If you like hand stitching, you can trace the design to the front of the fabric.  This design was machine stitched twice following the pattern.  To machine stitch, print the applique template key (second page of the pattern) onto 1 sheet of StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets.

Spray baste the sheet onto the top of the quilt top design.  Just spray a light coat on the back of the quilt block sheet and press the sheet over the design. SpraynBond Basting Adhesive is a temporary bond spray adhesive for fabric and is perfect to hold templates in place.

Stitch the entire Happy Spring! design on top of the Quilt Block Sheet.  Go over each letter at least 2 times on the sewing machine.  Be creative with the “y” and add a little flower color. Remove the Quilt Block sheet away from the stitching by carefully tearing it away once the letters are stitched.

Stitch the borders

Start with the shorter purple strips and stitch them to the sides of the background with right sides together and 1/4″ seams.  Press the seams towards the border.  The next step is to stitch the longer purple strips to the top and bottom and press.

Once the purple strips are stitched, follow with the blue strips in the same way.  Complete the borders by stitching and pressing in the same way until the orange strips are finished and it’s all pressed.

Finish the quilt

Following the package instructions, spray StitchnSew Sew-in fleece with SpraynBond basting spray and lay it on top of the wrong side of quilt backing fabric. After that, smooth with fingers to remove wrinkles.  Spray the back of the quilt top and lay on top of the fleece, gently smoothing out any wrinkles.

Finally, quilt as desired, trim the mini quilt and add the binding with the preferred method.

I just had to make another Gnome project.  They make me smile.  If you picked up my pattern for Happy Fall! Gnome Mini Quilt, you are like me and building your little seasonal Gnome family.

Happy Spring!

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